Monday, June 11, 2012

What You Should Have Read #63

Comic Book Reviews 
for the Week of June 6, 2012

Quick thoughts so I can play a bit of catch up.

Avengers vs. X-Men #5 – No. No no no. This is Marvel’s new go-to plot point in events? Give everybody the same power? Hulked Out Heroes. Fear Itself. Spider Island. Now there’s a handful of Phoenixes? No no no.

Dark Avengers #175 – I get why Thunderbolts was retitled, because all the team members are former members of Osborn’s Dark Avengers, but are we to believe that this is going to last? Regardless, it’s still the Thunderbolts program. Meh, in the long run the title doesn’t matter. It’s still a good comic book, and there’s a lot going on in this issue, a lot of good stuff.

Earth 2 #2 – Alan Scott is gay. Doesn’t affect my enjoyment of the title at all, so that’s all I’ll say about that issue. As for the rest of the comic, good stuff. I liked the Flash stuff, although the dialogue was a bit hokey. My favorite part was the Mr. Terrific/Terry Sloane confrontation. I might want to go back and read his latest series.

Invincible Iron Man #518 – Good, solid issue. Lots going on with Rhodey and the new armor, Stane and Mandarin, Stark and his rehab, Spymaster and Mrs. Arbogast, and whatever the hell is going on with Detroit Steel.

Journey into Mystery #639 – The Loki stuff, as always, was excellent. The Captain Britain stuff and the Manchester god thing were confusing as hell, though. So Otherworld went through this war in Uncanny X-Force, and now they’re fighting another one here? These guys just can’t catch a break.

Secret #2 – I don’t know what to think about this yet. I’ve learned, though, that Hickman plays the long game, so I’m assuming there’s going to be a good payoff, but right now it’s a slow start.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #11 – So, the Scorpion’s a tough son of a bitch. What excited me, though, was the cliffhanger with Aunt May. Pete had such a great supporting cast with May, Gwen, MJ, Kong, etc., and I’m not feeling that with Miles yet.

X-Factor #237 – What a wonderful done-in-one story. It’s a done-in-one story that brings up a past plot line and sets up a future story. Peter David is awesome.

My back-issue purchases for the week were Amazing Spider-Man #s 663 and 667.

Next week (or this week, actually), I’m planning on getting:

Batman #10
Shade #9
Boys #67
Amazing Spider-Man #687
Avengers #27
Avengers Assemble #4
Spider-Men #1
Uncanny X-Force #26

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