Friday, December 16, 2011

What You Should Have Read #51

Thoughts on Last Week’s Comics

A couple of days late, and I apologize for that.

Amazing Spider-Man #675 – I really want Peter and Carlie to get back together. I thought that was a wonderful relationship for him. As much as I liked MJ, I think Pete needs a more down-to-Earth girl. I think having her and Carlie become good friends, two people who can talk about Pete and his extracurricular activities, would be a great treat for the readers…and the humor and uncomfortableness that can result from his ex and his (hopefully) current gal could be great.

Avenging Spider-Man #2 –I liked Jameson’s courage as a captive. I liked Spidey teaching Red Hulk (I refuse to call him Rulk) the difference between being a military man and being an Avenger. One thing jumped out at me, though. At one point Spidey calls Red Hulk “General.” I wasn’t aware that Red Hulk’s identity was widely known. I know he’s an Avenger now, but I thought he was still Red Hulk to everybody. I went through a handful of Avengers back issues, and I can’t find one where he tells everybody that yes, he’s General Ross.

Boys #61 – I’ve really been enjoying this series since it started. It’s a well-written adult series that I think depicts superheroes in the real world better (and maybe a tad more pessimistic) than any other series I’ve seen attempt it. Writer Garth Ennis can have a tendency to be a bit…graphic…with the violence and nudity/sexuality, but this is an adult comic that portrays adult situations. I haven’t loved everything Ennis has done. Preacher and Hellblazer, sure. Even his first Marvel Knights Punisher series. But Jennifer Blood? Nope. The Crossed? Too over-the-top, even for me. But this is good stuff, and I think eventually it’ll be remembered as one of his best tales, just behind the previously mentioned Preacher and Hellblazer.

Defenders #1 – I’ve never been a fan of the Defenders. They weren’t around when I first started reading comics, and anything starting with Secret Defenders to the present just didn’t grab me. I picked this issue up because of Matt Fraction. Between Iron Man and Thor (and I didn’t hate Fear Itself), I’m going to try everything he does…at least in the Marvel Universe. Casanova is good but almost too out there for me. With this title, he’s doing a great job of getting me interested in characters I’ve never given a second thought to. I’m somewhat enjoying Strange and Iron Fist in New Avengers, but Fraction makes them shine here.

Hellblazer Annual #1 – Stupid, stupid Vertigo/DC. This isn’t the first Hellblazer Annual. Have you forgotten about the 1989 one written by Jamie Delano and Bryan Talbot? It’s be more understandable if, in the indicia, if this were listed as Hellblazer Annual 2012 like it is on the cover, but nope. I can imagine that this would be difficult for my extremely OCD organizational style to adequately file this issue, but since I didn’t pick it up, no problem there. I just wanted to complain.

Villains for Hire #1 – I’m thoroughly enjoying Heroes for Hire, and this mini looks like it’s going to be a great foil to that series…especially with this issue’s last-page reveal. I loved the genuine surprise of the Purple Man when the second crew showed up.

X-Factor #228 – Do any readers of X-Factor wonder why Guido’s code name is so stupid or what a “blork” is? They’re questions I’d have had I not been reading the book the first time Peter David started writing this title in the ‘90s. I’m loving how he’s got his entire team back, though, except for Havok, Polaris and Quicksilver, two of whom will be coming back after this storyline, I think. And David, ever the consummate professional, apparently did his homework on the exorcism. It’s similar with what I’m assuming are negligible variances from the spell used in the show Supernatural. I’m assuming it all depends on who did the translation you’re using. And I love Supernatural. Also, the thing where Bloodbath skewered himself to get Rhane off his back? I remember Shatterstar doing that in…either New Mutants #100 or X-Force #1, I think. Just thought it was weird.

The last two weeks were an experiment, and I've decided I don't like including the entire shipping list for THIS week's comics. I thought it looked cluttered. I WILL include a list of things I'm (or was, since Wednesday has come and gone) looking forward to, and I'll welcome a discussion about anything you picked up last week, this week, or will pick up in the future.

The Shade #3 (both covers)
New Avengers #19
Carnage U.S.A. #1
Uncanny X-Force #18
Locke & Key: Clockworks #3

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