Thursday, November 24, 2011

What You Should Have Read #48

Thoughts on Last Week’s Comic Books

Justice League #3 – So Wonder Woman is what Marvel’s Hercules would be like if he were a woman.

New Mutants #34 – So the first two mutants Dani’s team go after are both refugees from the Age of Apocalypse. I mean, I’m assuming that’s where this Blink is from. The 616 Blink is still dead, right? Even after X-Necrosha or whatever that crossover was? Oh, nevermind. I guess I should have read the entire issue before putting words to paper (as it is). So it’s not the AoA refugee but the formerly dead one. Good to know. The first time I gave up on the X-Men was right after the Phalanx Covenant and before AoA. I ended up going back and reading the entire AoA saga, but I never really connected with Blink. I also never picked up the Exiles book, so I never got around to knowing her from that book. Then when she appeared in X-Necrosha, she was just some dead girl. I guess we’ll see if Abnett and Lanning can put some life into her, so to speak.

Wonder Woman #3 – So apparently a lot of stuff happens to Wonder Woman in the…year?...between Justice League and her solo title. She goes from being somewhat ignorant and awestruck by the “world of man” to hardened and maybe a little cynical. It’ll be interesting to see how that came about…maybe.

X-Factor #227 – I don’t care if it was intended or not, I’m considering Rictor’s snarky demon-lawyer line as a nod to Angel and Wolfram & Hart. And Longshot’s David Carradine question was great. Every time I read this book I really want to go back and read Peter David’s Incredible Hulk run. Then I think about all the back issues I’d have to track down and it sobers me up a bit.

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