Monday, November 28, 2011

What You Should Have Eaten #45

Lamb Chops and Early Spring Salad

This was my first mint julep. I made it specifically because I had some fresh mint to crush up. I doubt I’ll be doing it again, though. I kept spiting mint pieces out after each drink.

I made my own sugar syrup years ago. I have no idea how long I’ve had the bottle that I made, but I was married at the time I made it, and I might have had one less kid than I do now. It’s easy to make, and it doesn’t seem to go bad.

Didn’t buy any radicchio. It was $10 per pound, and what the store had looked awful. I got extra romaine hearts, though, so there will be enough salad.

I also didn’t buy a fennel bulb. I didn’t even look for one. I’ve got a jar of stuff labeled fennel, and I don’t know if it’s seed or leaves or what, but that’s what I used. And I didn’t use a lot of it. Fennel has a licorice taste to it, and I hate licorice. I also hate radishes, so those were left behind also.

I could not find any ricotta salata at the store, so a quick web search (what did we do before smart phones?) told me I could substitute Queso Fresco. It seemed to work, and now I know what to get next time this problem comes up.

This is the first and probably last time I’ll be buying racks of lamb. I’m supposed to have two small racks, but one small rack set me back $20, so that’ll have to do. Looks like I’ll be filling up on salad.

This was probably the easiest recipe ever to make. All the prep work had to do with the salad, and then it was all just dumped in the salad bowl and tossed together. Although I love to cook and really get into it, sometimes I like something relatively easy.

The lamb ended up being pretty fatty, so I didn’t get a lot of meat from it. I liked what I had, though. The salad was just okay. Since this will probably be the only time I purchase lamb like this, I wish it would have ended up in an overall better meal.

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