Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What You Should Have Heard #81

My Mix CDs

I’ve got a lot of music but limited space to hold it in, especially in my car. So I’ve gone the old tried-and-true way of making mix CDs to have access to as many bands as possible while driving. I’m going slightly old-school since I’m a bit backwards and have no iPod.

Most of the songs will be more upbeat, with probably only the occasional ballad or slower song included. I like to sing in the car, and the more upbeat songs are more fun to sing.

I’ll be going in alpha-numeric order with these, so if you want to argue with me about what Weezer songs should be included, you’re going to be waiting for a while.

My only limitations are that I use 80 min. discs, and I’m only going to use one disc per band/artist. I will make exceptions for only my most favorite bands with huge playlists (Foo Fighters and Self, off the top of my head), but I’d really like to boil everything down to just one disc.

Here’s the list guide:

Track # - Song Name - Album Name [Artist if album is by a different artist]

Third Eye Blind Mix CD

  1. Anything – Blue
  2. 10 Days Late – Blue
  3. Never Let You Go – Blue
  4. 1,000 Julys – Blue
  5. Blinded (When I See You) – Out of the Vein
  6. Danger – Out of the Vein
  7. Wake for Young Souls – Out of the Vein
  8. Losing a Whole Year – Third Eye Blind
  9. Narcolepsy – Third Eye Blind
  10. Semi-Charmed Life – Third Eye Blind
  11. Graduate – Third Eye Blind
  12. Thanks a Lot – Third Eye Blind
  13. London – Third Eye Blind
  14. Don’t Believe a Word – Ursa Major
  15. Water Landing – Ursa Major
  16. New Girl – American Pie Soundtrack

A few notes on Third Eye Blind:

  • I fell in love with “Semi-Charmed Life” in high school, and not the highly edited radio cut, but the longer album version. I’m pretty sure I bought the album after hearing that song only once or twice. Thus began my love/hate relationship with Third Eye Blind.
  • I saw the group on some late-night talk show (Letterman?) when they were promoting their self-titled debut, and it was horrible. It could have been an off night for lead singer Stephan Jenkins, but that one performance really turned me off the group. Then Blue was released and I really liked “10 Days Late” so I picked up the CD…and felt pretty meh about most of the rest of the CD.
  • That’s how it goes for most of their stuff. The stuff I like, I REALLY like. All the other stuff to me is just noise.
  • I kind of hate Jenkins because he dated Vanessa Carlton. I think I might hate anybody who dated her. I want to date her. I might have a little crush on her.
  • “Blinded” is an amazing song. I didn’t “get” it until recently. I know that girl. I used to be in love with that girl (but not anymore, so call me, Vanessa Carlton!!).

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