Monday, September 12, 2011

What You Should Have Eaten #37

Warm Tangerine and Grilled Chicken Salad served on Grilled Garlic Crisps

My ex-mother-in-law brought me some peaches yesterday (not necessarily out of the kindness of her heart. She was given some and didn’t think she’d be able to eat them all. Oh well, they smell wonderful.), so I decided to make a dessert. My son suggested peach cobbler, and I just happened to have all the ingredients, so that’s what I’m doing.


I was a little hesitant about this dish when I started slicing up the peaches. The first one I cut into was rotten in the middle. I was hoping this wasn’t a subtle message from the ex MiL (doubtful), and I was also hoping this wasn’t going to happen as I cut into the other three peaches (it didn’t). I tasted one of the slices, and it was delicious. If nothing else, the filling would be excellent.


And I say that because the topping gave me pause. The butter did not cut into the flour and sugar easily to make a crumb topping, and the milk/egg mixture did not just moisten the topping, it made it doughy. I just put some dough blobs on the filling and crossed my fingers when I put the stuff in the oven.


The drink is pink. Already, this is a bad sign. Meh, it’s passable but no great shakes. I think this is the most Galliano I’ve put into a drink. It’s usually a teaspoon or two, but this time it was ¾ of an ounce. Like I said, not bad, but not great.

After going through my cooking photos, it seems as if I already made this drink. I apologize for the double post

Let’s start out with changes to the ingredients. Apparently tangerines aren’t in season, so I had to substitute some generic oranges. I think they’re Minneolas. Also, I’m doing two pints of red grape tomatoes because my Kroger Marketplace didn’t have any yellow ones. And I actually bought olives for this. I didn’t with the last recipe that called for them, but I decided to try them. I did, however, but some green ones that were stuffed with blue cheese, so we’ll see how that affects the recipe. Also, no fennel bulb. I guess I’ll throw in a little bit of whatever is in my fennel spice jar…seeds?

Let’s do this!

I really need to read these recipes in advance…or pay attention to the recipe’s name. I didn’t realize I’d need to get my grill ready. Not a problem, though. The coals can heat up while I get everything chopped and prepared. This’ll be the first time I’ll be cooking chicken on the grill. Before it’s either been steak or hamburger. This should be interesting.

I couldn’t find any chicken cutlets, so I got some breasts and I’m going to cut them in half to make them a bit thinner.

My God, these olives smell nasty. I hope including them won’t come back to haunt me.

Fennel = licorice. I hate licorice.

 Yeah, there is no way I’m going to make my kids eat this. I don’t know if I want to eat it.

There is a better-than-good chance that I’m using a paint brush to brush the olive oil on the pita.

 This is by far one of the ugliest things I’ve cooked, and also one of the worst tasting. In the beginning, the orange tries to exert itself, but everything is overpowered by the olives. It’s awful. I tried to eat my entire serving, but all I could choke down were the pita and the chicken. I think I’m going to try and pick out the chicken and save it for lunch, maybe drown out the olive by bringing along some steak sauce or something. I hate to just throw it ALL away. I spent so much money on the ingredients, and that’s what I’m most disappointed about.

The cobbler was good.

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