Friday, September 2, 2011

Labor Day Weekend Video Constitutional

This video just makes me happy. It's a super-cut of various dance segments from The Colbert Report. My favorite part will always be when he's dancing behind Barney Frank.

Um, ok, so the Foo Fighters have a new North American tour starting up, and they made a video to promote it. I couldn't turn away. I tried, but I just couldn't. When the music started I was hoping they were covering "Body Language" by Queen, but it's just them. ALL of them.

And here's the song that plays during the beginning of the video.

Epic Chicken Burger Combo from Epic Meal Time. Even the buns have bacon in them!

The new season of TV shows is almost heeeeeeeeeeeere!!!!! Here's a look at John Goodman on Community. Can't wait!

So Ryan Reynolds and an angry Willem Dafoe are going to make me watch a Julia Roberts movie? Damn you. Damn the both of you.

I was watching a video about Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd from Back to the Future) doing a commercial for an Argentinian electronics store, and this was one of the suggested videos to watch. It's Joseph Gordon Levitt singing Nirvana's Lithium. I didn't know he was in a band. It definately doesn't stand up to the original, but I'd listen to some more of his music.

And then there were Jedi kittens.

Crap, looks like I'll be checking out MORE of Final Cut King's videos after that Jedi Kitten one and this Nerf War one.

It's the live-action Captain Planet that nobody asked for but everybody wanted.

This is a very simple-looking but awesome music video for the song "The Understanding" by Jones Street Station. I've never heard of these guys before, but a friend sent me the video because it's got Dani Pudi in it, who I find incredibly entertaining in Community. I would probably like the song if I heard it by itself, but I know I'm enjoying a whole lot more because of the video.

She's on my list. She's so on my list.

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