Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What You Should Have Read #39

Last Week’s Comic Book Awesomeness

DC Retroactive: Justice League – The ‘90s #1 – I realize that I don’t include many DC comics in these weekly write ups. Lately I’m just enjoying Marvel more. I’m hoping that’ll change next month with the New DC 52. I didn’t read Justice League when Giffen and DeMatteis were originally writing it. Morrison’s JLA is MY Justice League. But I really got into the characters and writing style when the team was revisited and before Max became an evil dick, so I thought I’d enjoy this issue…and I did. It’s the humor you’d expect from these guys and some clever nods to what will happen to the characters after this story. Good stuff here.

Green Lantern: Emerald Knights #13 – Since I saw the cover of this issue, I was waiting for this joke. I think it’s a requirement that the “one punch” mention has to be made whenever Guy and Batman are together. I also want to say that I’m horribly disappointed in the final issues of all of the DC comics that I’ve read. I realize DC is excited about this “new” universe they’re starting, but they’re letting this one go with no fanfare, no final battle…nothing. I guess they did this right before the Crisis on Infinite Earths reboot, too, but I wasn’t around then. This just disappoints me.

New Mutants #30 – The stuff with Dani in this issue is fine. Nothing wrong there. But the really good stuff comes with the rest of the team’s interaction with Mephisto. I love how easy and nonchalant he is. I’ve never really liked him as a villain before, but his attitude shines here, and that’s what has won me over.

Ultimates #1 – It’s a bear….drinking beer…with Norse gods. Read that again and look at the picture. There’s no text, no dialogue, just probably the most awesome panel of a comic book to come out this week.

Wolverine #14 – When the badguys drank the Kool Aid, I figured that the joke would be on THEM, that Wolverine wouldn’t give a damn…he’d just be happy they were dead. I totally did not see the big reveal. That…that was genius, and it made perfect sense. And something like that, it’ll stay with Wolverine and fuck him up. So kudos to the bad guys this time.

X-Factor #224 – Agamemnon is a…pleasant…sort of character, isn’t he?

X-Men #16 – Emma Frost is just a telepathic, diamond-hard ray of sunshine, isn’t she? Still, her ideas aren’t totally without merit, are they? I can say that because I’m positive that my ex does not read my blog, at least the Wednesday updates. And of course I’m talking about the mind wiping. And it’s nice to see Wolverine and Thing addressing powerful, world-dominating elephants in the room.


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