Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What You Should Have Eaten #36

The night is already starting off poorly. The drink was supposed to be a Berlenga, which is port and gin. Could have been good, but it called for white port, and my port was not white. So the next section of the book was aniseed drinks. Yuck.

So here’s an explicably named Green Monkey. Galliano (1 1/2 oz.) and Pernod (2 tsp.), both of which are yellow. So the Green Monkey is actually yellow. And it has Pernod in it, so it’s already streets behind. My plan is to take a sip to get the taste, then down it and chase it with Magic Hat #9.

Awful. Awful awful awful. I’d throw out the bottle of Pernod, but I hate wasting money. Could there be any type of tasty drink that calls for this awful liquid? I’m cooking with lemon zest, so after I grated the peel, I squeezed some fresh lemon juice into the drink. It didn’t help.

The pine nuts I got weren’t toasted, so I threw them in the oven for a bit. I hope that helps. I also omitted the olives. Not my thing. I hope they aren’t integral to the stuffing. Judging from the smell, I toasted them up nicely.

Veal is expensive, so I’m only using five slices instead of eight. I got to the grocery store after the meat department had closed, so it was either buy five or buy 10. I went with spending $8 instead of $16. I also don’t have the qualms that some people have about eating veal. It’s yummy.

Does anybody else have a problem with fresh thyme? The leaves are so damn small, I just chop it up whole, stems and all.

Just like last week, I’m using dried instead of fresh parsley.

I realize that parmesan cheese is not the same as Parmigiano-Reggiano, but I’m not going to shell out for cheese and then grate it myself. This is close enough.

I’m confused about the filling. When I’ve done dishes like this before, the filling is a little bit squishy. It looks like it needs to go in the food processor for a bit, but I’m going to give Ray the benefit of the doubt and leave it as-is.

I started cooking later than usual, and I didn’t want the kids to wait (and I knew they wouldn’t eat this anyways), so they got chicken nuggets, veggies, grapes and potato chips. I’m okay with that.

I usually have a problem with tothpicked things that go in the skillet. We’ll see what happens here. I need to get some new tongs. I’ve only got one pair, and they’re in the dishwasher because I used them last night. I’d rather wash them through the dishwasher than give them a quick wash now and use them to flip the roll-ups.

Okay now, everybody at the same time…NO ONIONS!!!

I made some baked sweet potatoes last night that I didn’t eat, so this is going to be a full meal: the roll-ups, some harvest grain bread, baked sweet potatoes and salad. YUM!

This was a very tasty and well-rounded meal. The portions were perfect. I hope the roll-up last well, because I’m looking forward to having some for lunch this week.

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