Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What You Should Have Read #38

Last Week’s Comic Book Awesomeness

I don’t like Victoria Hand. Nobody likes Victoria Hand, and nobody trusts Victoria Hand. I like Maria Hill’s take on her, calling her a glorified accountant. And then Hand goes and gets pissed off and shoots some Nazis in the head. I’m starting to like Victoria Hand a little more. Also, “You can never go wrong with bombing the hell out of people first.”

Calling somebody a fucktard is probably my most favoritest insult, so it gave me large buckets of joy to read the word in this month’s issue of Fables. I really like how Willingham makes seemingly unimportant side characters so important and heroic. Flycatcher, Boy Blue, Bufkin, and now probably Ambrose. This comic book is such a treat to read every month.

Speedball was my favorite out of all the New Warriors. I had no knowledge of him before picking up the first issue of the first New Warriors series, but I immediately took to him. I loved his attitude, and I loved that nobody took him seriously. I stopped reading New Warriors after issue #50. It just wasn’t fun anymore. So I really had no contact with Robbie Baldwin until Civil War happened. I hated where he was taken after that, but he ended becoming a somewhat important character, and we then got to watch him fight his way back to becoming a little bit closer to the hero that he was. I’ve been enjoying his feature in Fear Itself: The Home Front, and this issue sent out a pretty powerful and positive message (well, at least in the fictional Marvel universe).

To Hel with Thor, I can get my Asgardian fix from Journey into Mystery. I like witty books. Thor is not witty, it’s grand. JiM, on the other hand, is very witty…and intricate…and well-illustrated…and just a damn good book. I like Loki as a child. I like that his speech is more Earthly than Asgardian. And I LOVE the look of shock and surprise on the dwarf’s face as Loki emerges from the stone casket.

Marvel Universe vs. Wolverine is surprising me by how much I’m enjoying it. The first one, vs. Punisher, was the same way. It reminds me of the Marvel Zombie craze before it started getting watered down. I like how it’s crossing over with the previous mini, and I’ll be interested in seeing where it goes after this mini.

Holy crap, how long has Jeff Parker been waiting for the perfect moment to make that Man-Thing joke? That and Satana’s dark elation at everything that’s going on really made this issue for me.

The Aunt May bits in Ultimate Fallout were perfect epilogues to Peter Parker’s story. Also, having her and Gwen move to France will allow the writers to fully focus on the new Spider-Man without worrying about his most important supporting characters. Although, I did notice that Mary Jane is still around.

Namor has some great one-liners in this week’s issue of X-Men: Schism, but this one might be the best. And really, who DOESN’T want to hit these kids? I’d also like to say that I’m horribly disappointed in Carlos Pacheco’s art for this series…well, the two issues he’s done so far. Issue three of a mini and he was replaced. This guy used to be one of my favorite artists, and the work he did on the first two issues of the series was just not acceptable. 

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