Friday, August 26, 2011

New Phone Video Constitutional!!!!

Your obligatory Epic Meal Time post. I loves me some breakfast for dinner.

The opening credits for The Office in the style of the opening credits for Dallas. They should have used this when doing the garage sale episode last season.

Jonah Hill's new movie The Sitter seems quite funny. Kind of looks like Adventures in Babysitting, except a lot dirtier. Also, since I'm such a kind a giving soul, turn your speakers down when the preview starts, or make sure you're not at I was.

I wouldn't watch this version of Star Wars, but I'd watch this video one more time. A girl who has never seen the original trilogy tries to explain what happened.

I did not expect this to go where it went.

I would play this game.

I will watch Paul Rudd in anything, especially a Funny or Die video.

Every time Kanye West opens his mouth, I want to punch it. I dig some of his music, though. And I like Jay-Z a lot more. So I'm not totally against this new collaboration, and I kind of like the song...that is until the end when Kanye just starts screaming in a little girl voice.

If you can get past the EXTREME!!!! douchiness of the two performers (one moreso than the other), this is some pretty awesome music. Cello duets of pop/rock songs. I think "Smells Like Teen Spirit" really works on the cello.

I'm not a huge magic fan, but I appreciate a good trick...sorry, ILLUSION, because we all know what tricks are. Here are a couple that fool even the great Penn and Teller.

With all the shit I've been through the past two years, it makes me feel very happy that I still believe in love. This video of this surprise wedding is awesome and touching and it gives me faith that love does exist (despite what Bleu sings), and y'know, I'm SOOO looking forward to finding it again.

And then there's this proposal from Chicago Comic Con this year. You can't hear the proposal unless you turn your speakers up all the way, but that doesn't matter. You need to watch it for the end. Fucking epic.

Well, it had to happen. Epic Meal Time finally did a bad video. Looks like they just kind of phoned this one in. I like them because they create these awesome (one might say epic, even) meals, but that was not the case this time.

The 25 Greatest Unscripted Scenes in Film. Makes me want to go back and watch The Dark Knight again.

I knew cats were evil!!!

"Girls like bacon, and if they don't, they're probably racist." Tru dat. And after the poor showing of the meat shield,this video redeems the Epic Meal Time boys.

Holey moley, it's Ok Go and the Muppets. This is awesome.

My uncle shared this video with me and labeled it the ultimate in karaoke. I will admit, this is clever as hell.

Why have I not watched any of the non-album tracks from The Lonely Island?

I kind of have to see Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance because I really like Idris Elba, but was a sequel really necessary? Or wanted? I will say this, the effects look pretty damn awesome.

Here's a super-cut song made up of movie lines that rhyme. The amount of time it must have taken to edit this was, well, I won't say it was worth it. Let's just hope the guy wasn't supposed to be doing something more important.

'Movie Line Rhymes' by Jordan Laws from ScreenWerks on Vimeo.

The Portal video game series has never interested me, but this video is pretty awesome.

There are so many things RIGHT with this clip of Extras featuring Patrick Stewart.

This verbal smack-down of Chris Brown was great.

I was so disappointed when I heard that Locke & Key was not picked up. I know a pilot was finished, and I know it was screened at SDCC this year. I hope that it somehow becomes available to the public. Until then, here's the trailer for what we can't watch.

Locke and Key Trailer 2:17 from some guy on Vimeo.

This new show from Ricky Gervais starring Warwick Davis looks great. I'm thinking more Extras than The Office. Now I want to rewatch Extras.

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