Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What You Should Have Read #35

Last (two) Week’s Comic Book Awesomeness

This is sad. TWO weeks worth of comics and these are the only bits of awesomeness that I found. Sigh.

I started reading Deadpool when the current series started during Secret Invasion. It was awesome. Now he’s being pulled (or putting himself into) the current event, Fear Itself. The difference, though, is that while Deadpool was pretty integral in the fight against the invading Skrulls, this time he is using this current crisis to attempt to gain a more heroic reputation…and he (so far) has absolutely nothing to do with the crisis. Oh, and apparently there are werewolves.

Wolverine just asked Deadpool who he was talking to. Ask a silly question…

Wanna know how big of a geek I am? I’m such a geek (and a child of the ‘80s) that I got what I’m assuming is a pretty obscure reference from this panel. I won’t ruin it for you unless you ask me to. Also, this is a great series. I’ve loved the IDW reboot of G.I. Joe, but the gem has always been the Cobra series. This is no exception during the Cobra Civil War.

I hate that Tony had to break his sobriety, but damn if that doesn’t come with some awesome hilarity when foul-mouthed dwarves are brought into the equation.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it as long as the book is being published, but Locke & Key is an incredible book. It’s by far the best non-superhero book I’m reading, and it’s always on the top of my stack when it comes out. The ending of this issue was great because it was so unexpected. You’ve got this thing going on for the whole issue, then you get to the last panel and BAM! find out that this isn’t just a flashback issue but in fact plot-advancing issue. Awesome.

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