Friday, August 5, 2011

Melancholy Video Constitutional

Vodka mashed potatoes? Sure, why not? And that stroganoff looked incredible. I seriously need to try one of these recipes sometime.

Here's the teaser for "The Dark Knight Rises," the lastest Batman flick. It's mostly made up of footage from the previous two movies, but there's some new stuff with Gordon, and we get to see a little bit of Bane. I'm embedding it here, and I'm providing a link to the HD version, which is almost infinitely more awesome. Also, as I'm writing this I'm listening to the all-Prince soundtrack from the first Tim Burton Batman movie. Coincidence? Sure, why not.

Here's a teaser for season 2 of "The Walking Dead." It's not groundbreaking, nor does it give any hint as to what to expect this season (except for zombie killin', but that's to be expected). It's cool, though.

Want to see the latest Harry Potter movie but need to get caught up? Here are cats!

I don't know what this is, but I think I like it.

I like how the people in Lost can poke fun at themselves. And we finally get the smoke monster's name!

Foo Fighters garage tour! I wish I could have done this.

Let's toss up some videos from this years San Diego Comic Con. First up is the Supernatural panel. And while we're at it, let's throw in a promo for Season 7.

The crossover that nobody asked for but everybody wanted! Epic Meal Time at ComiCon!

Here's the Castle panel.

Chuck! Yvonne Strahovski is so, so pretty.

Game of Thrones. I'm reading the book now, and it's helping me with the names I couldn't remember during the show. Also, I think that Nikolaj Coster-Waldau could be Dennis Leary's twin, and Emilia Clarke looks much better as a brunette.

Action Figure Therapy. Awesome. That's it. Just awesome.

I don't even know how to preface this one. It's hilarious, but dirty, but it doesn't show anything nasty, but yet it's pretty damn dirty. But funny.

The Muppets of Sesame Street gettin' down with the Beastie Boys.

Sesame Street breaks it down from Wonderful Creative on Vimeo.

Looks like I missed some Epic Meal Time. I'm going through bacon withdrawal.

The Walking Dead season 2? Yes please!

And Dexter, too? Sure! Why not!

I have quite a few friends who are teachers. My ex-wife used to be a teacher. My sister is a teacher. My mom used to be a teacher. I had SOOOOOO many good teachers during my time as a student. I believe that teachers are a vastly underappreciated group of professionals. I also like Matt Damon, and here he is standing up for teachers. Although, the Good Will Hunting clip spliced into this is a bit jarring.

Drive looks like a pretty good action movie, with the surprisingly cast Ryan Gossling as the lead. I also like the last half of the trailer, where they show a bunch of action with a soft instrumental piece behind it. Classy.

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