Friday, July 1, 2011

Massive Celebratory Video Constitutional!!!

It's the Fourth of July weekend! It's my 400th blog post! It's...well, I guess that's it.

I got into Breaking Bad late, right before the third season (this past one) started. I caught up quickly, and I fell in love with it. The new season starts in just a few weeks, and I'm thinking I may need to brush up on season three a bit.

I think this is all of a Green Lantern movie that I need.

I don't know what to think about 30 Minutes or Less. It's full of people I like, but it really doesn't look all that funny.

30 Minutes or Less Red Band Trailer by teasertrailer

Yay! Patrick Warburton!

This is just what I needed before diving back into True Blood with the new season just starting on HBO.

I really hope Captain America is a good movie. I like Chris Evans, I like Tommy Lee Jones, I like Hugo Weaving, and I like Captain America when he's written as an actual soldier, not a Boy Scout super hero.

Big Mac Meatloaf? Sure. Lights? Meh. Not my music, but the lead singer is awful cute.

An Evening with Warren Ellis. I think this is the whole thing.

It's a crappy little bit from when Return of the Jedi started filming (listen to what the Ewok calls the movie), but it's some more footage of Carrie Fisher in the gold bikini. Worth it!

Neil Gaiman on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson from June 28, 2001. If I could bring myself to DVR late night TV (I've even given up on The Daily Show and The Colbert Report), I'd watch this show.

Famous Last Words, starring Jacob from Lost/Lucifer from supernatural, Shane from The Walking Dead, and two other guys. It's pretty funny. How's that for a stirring recommendation?

These ponies aim to misbehave.

This and "Isn't She Lovely" are probably tied for favorite Stevie Wonder song. And this arrangement is incredible. REALLY makes me want to get my sax in the shop so I can start playing again. Guess I know what I'll be doing today since I get off work early.

Conan "double booked" a couple of comedians, so he had them come out and perform at the same time. These guys are great, as is their timing. I love how one guy's joke will end, and you'll get the crazy punch line from the other but not know what the hell he was talking about.


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I don't know. What DID you say?