Thursday, June 30, 2011

What You Should Have Seen #17

Sucker Punch

I was trying to describe to a friend why I didn’t like this movie. It’s visually stunning. I loved WATCHING this movie. The action was crazy and engaging. The FX was seamless. The music fit perfectly. There were hot girls in skimpy outfits. But the story really wasn’t there. At its core, it had a very Inception, dream within a dream within a dream feel to it. I cared nothing for the story or the plight of Baby Doll. I couldn’t get engaged in any other thoughts except for, “This LOOKS awesome.”

And then it hit me. Stunning visuals, great music...while this wasn’t a great movie, it was probably the best music video I’ve ever seen. And then I couldn’t think of it as anything other than a two-hour music video. If you don’t like the music used (which, as I said before, fit perfectly), just mute it and put on your own soundtrack. The ups and downs of the movie, the feeling that the story is TRYING to convey might not match up, but at least you’ll be listening to something you like.

I’m glad I didn’t pay money to see this in the theater because I would have felt cheated on the money spent vs. total received from the movie. But as a rental, it’s great.

You’ve got dragons, Nazi steampunk zombies, mech warriors, giant stone samurai, hot chicks in skimpy outfits, Carla Gugino, and Jon Hamm. Lots of good parts, the writing/story just doesn’t work as suitable glue to hold them all together.

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