Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What You Should Have Read #27

Last Week’s Badassery

Short list this week. Had some deep personal shit going on, and I ended up using this week’s comics for actual entertainment rather than blog fodder. A few things did stand out, though.

Before J. Michael Straczynski’s relaunch of Thor a few years ago, I was never a fan of the character. I’ve never really been able to connect to the all-powerful characters. JMS, while not able to humanize these gods (with the possible exception of Volstagg), was able to bring a human element to the series by placing Asgard outside a small town in Oklahoma. I think that having this very human perception of these immortal characters really makes you feel their power when it is unleashed…or when it’s about to be unleashed, as Thor is about to do to the Silver Surfer at the end of issue #2 of The Mighty Thor.

Secret Avengers? Again? I thought the issue started out strong with Ant-Man, War Machine and the Beast doing some ass kicking in D.C., but then it just got preachy and sappy. Even with D.C.’s history going all Night at the Museum, I still found the page of Honest Abe to be pretty sweet. Especially with O’Grady’s comment.

Secret Warriors has been a book I’ve enjoyed, but I don’t really understand the ins and outs of what’s going on. There’s just TOO much spy stuff going on, plans within plans within plans. I did understand this page, though (sorry, spoilers), and I wonder how long it’ll take to be retconned. Strucker was a pretty major player at times, so this is a pretty big deal.

While it’s not badass, this little speech by Gambit fit the week pretty well.

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