Monday, May 30, 2011

What You Should Have Eaten #27

Crab Tortilla (Egg Pie) and Plantain Hash Browns

Tonight’s drink is a European Friendship. It’s the first time I’ve been able to fix a drink that calls for sweet white vermouth. I had to get it from a liquor store in Nashville as the ones around me only carry dry white vermouth. The clerk who pointed it out to me said the brand was the best vermouth they carried. As for the “scotch,” I know the bottle says it’s whisky, but I promise that the box it came in classified it as scotch. By itself, it’s awful.

Well, it’s not awful. Too sweet to really get into, though.

My local Kroger Marketplace did not have any green plantains, so I had to get the least ripe ones available. Had I remembered I would have stopped at Publix on my way home. They’ve always got the best produce around. I think this might be the first time I’ve ever eaten a plantain, let alone cooked with one. And I’ve got to shred it. This is when a green one would come in handy I guess.

And I just realized, the drink fits in a bit since it’s ¼ banana liquor.

It’s almost impossible for me to shred these things, so I’m slicing them as thin as possible. Hopefully that won’t screw anything up.

Smidge of onion powder on the plantains instead of grating an onion on top of them.

I’m not quite sure what happened, but the ingredient list doesn’t match what the output is supposed to be. I had to move the veggie/egg mixture to a bigger skillet, and I’m not liking how it’s turning out. I doubt what we are going to eat is what we’re SUPPOSED to be eating, but it still looks pretty good.

So what was supposed to be an egg tortilla/pie thingy ended up being a scrambled concoction of eggs, hash browns veggies and crab. Not bad, really. Could have used some cheese. It was really good with a bit of the freestone peach and mango salsa mixed in.

The plantain hash browns were better than I had anticipated. They were very sweet, and what little seasoning I added was not at all noticeable.

I knew the kids wouldn’t even touch this, so they got sandwiches, chips, veggies and fruit. I think everyone ended up happy.


Kate said...

The plantain hash browns look good, but you know my opinion on eggs.

Rob Rosenblatt said...

While tasting okay (from somebody who does like eggs), the presentation on the egg pie was a disaster. And I don't know if it's my fault or Rachel Ray's. I'll blame her.