Monday, May 16, 2011

What You Should Have Eaten #25

Lettillas (Mix-n-Match Lettuce Tacos)

Let me start off by saying I am neither mixing nor matching anything with this recipe. I’m forgoing the shrimp and sticking with the ground beef. I bet the shrimp tastes wonderful, though.

My drink tonight was not “scheduled” to be tequila based, but I made an executive decision to switch since I’m making tacos. A shot of Patron to begin with, but I’m mixing the drink with Cuervo. It’s good enough. Sweet. Too much lemon juice, though. I’d flip-flop the amounts of lemon and orange juice.


I’ve got season 4 of Doctor Who running on Netflix while I cook. I love that I’ve got a laptop that I can do this on. Typing, cooking AND watching TV. Heaven. I think George Costanza's three-pronged Heaven was a little better, though.

I’m chopping up a whole red bell pepper instead of half. I figure this’ll make up for not including any onion. I’m also chopping up a tomato. How can you have a taco without any tomato? I also added some ground cumin. Y’know, for that taco taste.

I’m a little bit surprised that I didn’t have to drain the cooked ground sirloin before adding the other ingredients. I guess I’m just used to doing that when making tacos from a kit.

I bought some taco shells, crunchy and soft, for the kids. I didn’t think they’d eat whole lettuce leaves…and they didn’t. My oldest refused to eat the tacos because of the red bell peppers that were chopped up and added to the meat. My daughter ate the cheese then also refused to eat the meat, same reason. My youngest son, however, wolfed them down.

I thought they were pretty much just run-of-the-mill tacos, but using lettuce leaves as shells was a novel approach. I’ve got enough to take to work for a couple of days, and using the leftover shells will allow me to make a nice taco salad.


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