Friday, February 18, 2011

VD Constitutional

Happy Valentine's Day!

NEW FOO FIGHTERS!!!!! WHITE LIMO!!!! WITH LEMMY FROM MOTORHEAD!!!!! Now that the caps are off, I'm conflicted with this song. Conflicted because I like it, but it's not generally the type of Foo song that I like. The first Foo album is my least favorite, and really, it's the least like any of the others. "White Limo" really makes me think of that album, especially the tracks "Weenie Beenie" and "Watershed," I guess just because of how lead singer Dave Grohl is singing. Not a big fan of the raspy singing, here. But overall I like the song better than either of the ones I mentioned.

Are you single with...specific...tastes? Then this dating site might be for you.

The Avengers is going to open to a LOT of high expectations. Top-notch cast, director with a small but rabid fanbase, and you're combining some decent-sized franchises into a bigger franchise. Good luck, guys! Here's a fan-made made from clips of the solo movies that are already out there. It's very well done, and it works well as a teaser trailer.

I'm captivated by this, and I don't like it.

Another awesome Justified commercial.

I used to really like Weezer. Their Blue Album is one of my favorites. But their last few albums really fell flat for me. It seemed like they were trying too hard to be different, while still trying to be the same (if that makes any sense). Then a buddy gave me a link to this video. It really sounds like Blue Album-era Weezer. The rest, though, seems like a joke. But hey, I like the song.

Movie trailer mash-ups!

I've never been the biggest fan of Valentine's Day, even when I had a special someone to share it with. But this was my first official VD as a single guy since...1995? Wow. And you know what? It was great. There was no pressure to make sure I got the perfect card, or the perfect gift, or make a reservation at the perfect restaurant. It was just a Monday. So I watched How I Met Your Mother, and I watched Mad Love (meh), and I went to bed wondering if I'd win the MegaMillion jackpot on Tuesday night. So why not have some additional fake holidays? Actress/writer Natalie Kim has some thoughts.

Babies are MUCH funnier when they're drunk, but they're also a bit more destructive.

A longer Thor trailer, you ask? Why sure! Also, I love how all of these Norse Gods all have British accents. I imagine EVERYBODY in Europe is actually British, so this works.

I love Felicia Day. Even with long, pointy ears. Okay, maybe not quite as much, but she's still cute.

I just got an XBox, and after borrowing Bioshock from a friend, I have concluded that any zombie game with good graphics will probably freak me the fuck out. I'm almost positive that Dead Island will be really good at freaking me the fuck out. I think I still want to play it, though.

There was a time that I was GREATLY amused by LOL sites. I think I still link to a couple on one of the sides of this blog. Here are some of my favorite pics that I pulled off of the sites before I got bored with them.

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