Friday, February 11, 2011

Blog Post #350!! Videos and Pictures to Celebrate!!!

AH HAH HAH HAH! It's funny, AND I learned something about the honey badger.

I don't watch House, but ads like this make me think I should.

I liked the Thor trailer better, but I'm sure we'll see better Captain America spots as we get closer to its release.

Maybe this would have been a better Cap trailer for the Superbowl?

Here is the aforementioned Thor trailer from the Superbowl. My six-year-old son loved it, and even correctly identified The Destroyer after it's brief appearance. I'm raising my little geek right!

It's gotta be better than the last movie, right? Here's the trailer for the X-Men prequel-ish movie.

Awesome promos for an awesome show. Watch Justified on FX!

Haven't see the original of this show, but it looks hilarious, and it's on FX, so I'll be watching it.

Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon. Meh.

Cowboys and Aliens looks quite awesome.

If I've posted some of these pictures before, I apologize. Still funny, though. And I like to keep a theme with all the pics I post. See if you can guess it! Bonus points if you can guess the title of the second-to-last pic.

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