Friday, January 28, 2011

End-of-the-Month Video Constitutional

I love well-done mash-ups, and this is very well done.

Poor Beaker!

Looking forward to Matthew Perry's new show next month.

Movie mash-ups!!

From the people that brought you a Slaughterhouse Christmas, here's Chili Four Loko! Seriously, watch ALL of the videos these guys do. It's hilarious, but it's some pretty serious culinary creativity.

Yeah, I know a few of these.

Umm, whoa.

Gotta share this because it Drummer Gene Krupa vs. Animal of the Muppets.

And it's stuff like this that really makes me want to get my sax out of the attic, get it overhauled, and start playing again. Hell, my kids don't even know I can play. This needs to be a priority in 2011!

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