Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Constitutional

Here are a couple of Nashville Beer Fests that I'd like to go to this year:

I'm going to try and post the Community end credit skits each week. Here's Betty White, Troy and Ahbed singing Toto's Africa.

Here is Stephen Colbert's testimony before Congress. Awe...some.

I'm not a fan of Westerns. I enjoyed Tombstone and thought Unforgiven was a good movie, but I generally steer clear. But I guess if you throw enough good actors at me, I'll think your shoot-'em-up looks decent enough, and I guess I think True Grit looks decent enough. Maybe even a little better than that.

I love mash-ups when they're done well. Here's a decent one that combines Ghostbusters with AC/DC's Thunderstruck (my favorite AC/DC song).

Amazing AC/DC vs Ghostbusters Mashup, 'Thunder Busters' - Watch more horror

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