Monday, January 5, 2009

Michelob Porter (Beer Review)

From the label:
"A traditionally styled porter brewed using dark chocolate and roasted coffee malts."

I’ve got a buddy who’s been drinking a lot of this. He says it’s not the best Porter he’s had, but it’s pretty damn decent. He claims you’re getting more than what you’re paying for. So I hope I’m not expecting TOO much out of it.

First off is the color. It’s dark, but definitely not the darkest I’ve seen. It’s not fully translucent, but I can see a smidge of light through it. I’m impressed with the aroma. I’m definitely getting heavy chocolate tones. Out of the four Michelob crafts I’ve had (including Irish Red, Marzen and Pale Ale), this is the only one that doesn’t smell like your run-of-the-mill American lager. This smells like a good, dark beer.

This brew tastes excellent. It’s not the fullest tasting porter I’ve had, but I wouldn’t call it weak like I have with Michelob’s other craft beers. It’s got a full enough body and goes down very smooth. The after taste, which is heavy on the roasted coffee, lingers just long enough, making you eager for the next taste.

This, my friends, is a good beer. As I mentioned, it’s by far not the best porter on the market, but it’s probably the least expensive, which makes a big difference in today’s economy. And it may be the least expensive, but that just means you’re getting an excellent return on your "investment."

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MikeK said...

I agree, very good beer. And you can't believe the price. Michelob rocks. I'll have to try move but I've always liked original Michelob and Michelob Light, no Ultra here :)

Anonymous said...

Im drinking one right now :D The maltiness is excellent... possibly the most flavorful malt I have ever had! Though, its missing other characteristics that would define this as the ultimate brew IMO.