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Comic Book Reviews for the Week of Dec. 10, 2008 (On-Going Series)

Action Comics #872

Oh, that’s not going to end well for Reactron. I doubt he’ll be able to depower and kill ALL of the Kryptonians. I wasn’t aware that Brainiac was in possession of the Creature Commandos and Ultra the Multi-Alien. Those appearances seemed extremely random. According to the checklist with this issue, there’s only, what, 3 more issues of this storyline left? I hope we’re not back to the status quo after it’s all said and done. Oa used to be a patchwork planet after the Old Timer stole a bunch of cities. I think it would be a neat idea for the Kryptonians to do something like that with the rest of the cities that Brainiac trapped.

Amazing Spider-Man #580

Has the Blank appeared between the West Coast Avengers mini and this? I kept thinking the name was familiar, and it wasn’t until the footnotes that I realized it. I’m slipping in my old age. Unless the Blank is being set up as a new villain for Spidey, this was just a one-off issue that I could have lived without. The work by Weeks was good, though.

Booster Gold #15

I was left a little cold by this issue. Haven’t we gone through this before? Booster messes something up, albeit inadvertently, and runs into a mystery villain when trying to fix it. He then gets transported to an unknown time and place. Hopefully it’ll end up differently.

Captain Britain and MI13 #8

Noooo! Say it ain’t so Captain Midlands! I honestly didn’t see that betrayal coming, so good on you Mr. Cornell. I like the rationale for Captain Britain figuring things out, and I like that he’s not falling for the fake exits. It’s too bad about Meggan, though. And was that Alistair Stuart who jumped into the tesseract with the Mindless One? The stories I remember him from in old X-Men issues don’t portray him as that badass. I’m really enjoying this series.

Green Lantern Corps #31

I wonder if the Guardians will ever be seen as total good guys rather than a bunch of totalitarian blue guys who are a tad misguided in their search for order. This title is showing us that they’re actually no better than the other lanterns of different color...well, maybe the yellow and red lanterns. Mongul being able to separate his arm to kill people while he relaxes is odd and disturbing, but pretty cool. And the giant baby wailing on Kryb was also disturbing, especially the umbilical cord that connected him to his mother’s ring.

Justice League of America #27

The only character in the Milestone Universe I’m familiar with is Static, and that is only because of his cartoon. I’m going to enjoy learning about the characters as they’re brought into the DCU proper, and maybe that’ll push me to look into the back issues. This issue brings the Shadow Cabinet and Icon into conflict with the JLA, although we don’t see any fighting. I guess that’s for next issue. Vixen is back on the team, and Animal Man was offered a spot but turned it down.

Secret Six #4

So a tiny bit more of Junior is revealed, and the group gets into a bit of in-fighting. That’s before they’re attacked by about 20 or so baddies in Vegas. The Secret Six don’t seem to be all that secret. I’m enjoying what Simone is doing with this book, and I appreciate that she’s not making these villains into tragic figures. They’re villains, and that’s how she’s portraying them.

Titans #8

So when did Dick inject himself? Was it something I’m not remembering from last issue, or was it between the panels? If so, which panels? If the whole issue was in his mind, does that mean that all of the confessions are bunk? Roy didn’t use heroin again? Cyborg doesn’t have a son (or does, depending on how you take it)? Raven doesn’t watch Gossip Girl? I would assume Dick’s confession was real, but I’d find it hard to believe that he used Batman’s real name. How often do villains infiltrate a hero’s computer system? I think that’ll eventually be a storyline, at least it should. I’m really looking forward to hearing Jericho’s story next issue. I want to know how he’s doing what he’s doing.

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