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TV Reviews for the Week of Dec. 7, 2008 Pt. 1

"Bart, stop Milhousing your sister."

Lisa-centric episodes are pretty boring and predictable, where Homer will eventually, whether by accident or on purpose, will save the day and be his daughter’s hero.

"Oh, you know I’ve always wanted to live in the city and pretend I was poor."

Wow. She started showing quickly. It almost seemed like the wedding and the baby softened up Dick a little, but that still doesn’t mean what’s-his-name can’t act like an ass a little.

"Why do I feel like I’m the one who just got the prostate exam?"

Good for Leonard, gettin’ his swerve on. And the trick his lady doc pulled on Sheldon to get him to shut up? Priceless. I wonder how long they can keep doing that before he figures out that nothing is actually wrong with him. He strikes me as a hypochondriac, so I bet it would work a number of times.

"Go ahead and do the typey type."

It was nice to see a bit of Sarah’s past, and who doesn’t like watching Jack Cole? Will Sarah and Chuck finally get together (for real this time) at all this season?

"Okay, it’s clobberin’ time."

Will Sasso was one of the only actors I consistently enjoyed on Mad TV, so it was nice to see him here. I wouldn’t mind seeing him as a recurring character. He seems to be a fun, quirky character.

"No urinating in the stairwell. That’s the golden rule."

Okay, now I think they’ve done one switcheroo too many. So the company is helping save Michael? And it looks like someone, I couldn’t tell who but it looked like a woman’s hand and not the General, actually cared for him. Is their mother still alive? The doctor said he had seen Michael’s condition only once before. Could it have been his mother? After being a dick for two seasons, Alex got shit on a lot this season, and I felt sorry for him when he realized he wasn’t going to meeting with the Attorney General. I hope things turn out well for him in the end. Right now I don’t give a crap about Don or what’s-her-name, and really, T-Bag got what he deserved. With Michael out of the picture for a bit, it’ll be interesting to see how Linc, Sarah and what’s-his-name (I’m blanking on names lately) will get Cilla (sp?) back.


I’m a bit disappointed that Elle is dead, but only a bit. I like Sylar as a villain, I just hope he finally stays that way. It’s like they went all this way just to get back to the beginning. And I thought it was odd that nobody heard...Sam?...scream when Sylar cut her open, because three people were apparently right outside the door. Hiro’s scene with his mother was pretty touching, the stuff with Claire, not so much. She already had a good home life and both parents, hell, all four parents, are still alive. Then Arthur had to go and steal the last gift Hiro’s mother gave him. When Arthur telekinetically threw Hiro off of the building, it looked like he was tossed pretty damn far. Either that flag pole was really long, or he was just tossed off the side rather than thrown. At least Sylar is up to his old tricks again.

Sometimes I wonder if criminals or wannabe criminals ever try to use any of the ideas on any of these crime shows? Is there really a drug out there that bends the human will and steals memory? I guess only Gob Bluth knows the answer to that. Olivia has had it rough lately. At least the scumbag was put away. Happy days all around.

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