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Comic Book Reviews for the Week of Dec. 17, 2008 (On-Going Series)

Amazing Spider-Man #581

All right, this is more like it. I’ve been waiting for this story for quite some time. I can’t say that I’m please with Harry’s return or how he was brought back, but I’m extremely happy it was explained, and I’m even happier that, after being told time and time again that everything was still in continuity after Brand New Day, we’re shown proof. Spectacular Spider-Man #200, where Harry “died”? Still good. Normie’s hate for Spider-Man? Still good. Hell, Normie himself? Still good. I didn’t know what was going on with Harry’s family since he’s been written as a younger character, but the marriage, birth of his son, and his death are all still cannon. Even Charlie Weiderman, from Stracyznki’s run, was mentioned. Out of everything that was brought up with BND, the Harry situation was the one thing I really wanted answered, and here we go. Good job Mr. Slott.

Avengers: The Initiative #19

A story well-told involving a lot of characters in a lot of battles during the invasion. There’s death (Spinner, possibly Shooting Star, Whiz Kid and Crusader), new-found heroism (3-D Man and Crusader), and an invasion foiled. I was taken aback by the suddenness of Crusader’s death. It made sense, though, and with his wish we might not have heard the last of Crusader. The future of the Initiative will be very interesting indeed with Norman Osborn now running the show. And what of the Negative Zone prison? What’ll happen with that?

Deadpool #5

This is nothing but ridiculous fun. I liked how Way went non-linear for the story; it was very effective. And Deadpool ended up double-crossing EVERYBODY in the end. And he still didn’t get paid. What a poor, poor mercenary. And it doesn’t look like he’ll be making any money next issue when he goes up against Tiger Shark.

Doktor Sleepless #10

That was more like it. I actually understood what was going on in this issue. Of course, the good Doktor wasn’t in it at all, so that might account for some of the understanding. Basically, the police commissioner has just sanctioned the killing of Sleepless, and the cop who found out who the killer is gets to kill HIM after everything is all said and done. Pretty straight-forward issue, actually. Too bad they’re not all like that.

Angel: After the Fall #15

This is my favorite issue of the series so far. This is the only issue I’ve read where I could actually hear the voices of the characters as I read it. That means the writing was spot on. I could hear a smirk in everything Spike said. I could hear Wesley’s Britishness. Gunn, Angel, Conner, they were all there. After a questionable start to the series, I’m really liking where it is, and I hope I’m going to like where it’s going. I don’t know if I’m all that sad about Conner. I really didn’t like him before Season 5, and likeable Conner wasn’t around enough. I enjoyed him in this comic, though, so I guess he will be missed. I wish they’d find a way to bring Fred back, but I guess that’s over and done with. I DO miss her.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8 #20

Eh, it was a nice, campy little throw-back to the first few seasons of the show, but that’s it. Just a nice, quick little rest until we get back into the thick of it…I hope. I’ve never really liked any cartoon adaptions or cartoon-like comics. [sarcasm] I’m way too old for that. [/sarcasm] I’ll be happy next month when we’re all back to normal.

Ex Machina #40

Oh, Christ, that was a classic issue. One of the best of the series, actually, and that’s saying a lot. Vaughan wrote himself and Harris into the story. Mayor Hundred wanted to do his memoirs as a comic book, and they were interviewing for the gig. By all accounts, both artist and writer scored high marks in their respective interviews, but who should get the job? Garth Ennis and Jim Lee. And the last two pages are even by the duo. Frickin’ classic. Vaughan at one point makes reference to Grant Morrison and his meta approach to comics, and this was definitely different from that. As much as I loved the end of Morrison’s Animal Man run, it was like he was stroking himself for all the world to see. Vaughan and Harris’ appearance in this issue wasn’t like that at all. It was very natural. And again, the ending was classic. Kudos, gentlemen.

Fables #79

The residents of Fabletown don’t get minor disturbances, do they? They also don’t get a month or two to rest their bones. They’re just done with the war, and now something possibly worse than the Adversary is breaking down all of their binding enchantments, which results in all of the Fable building collapsing. I’m not all that thrilled with the Mowgli back-up, but I have faith that I’ll end up loving it. I do like the robotic tiger and the drunk monkey. That’s funny.

Fallen Angel #32

I hear this book is ending next issue to be restarted in a couple of months. I don’t understand that. I know #1 issues sell better, but I think this breaks up the flow of the work…unless that’s what David is going for, then okay. This was a decent penultimate issue. The gang stops fighting with each other and get back to Bette Noir with the sword that can kill Moloch. Too bad he breaks it. And I assume that was God that showed up in tennis garb. We’ve got angels and demons running around, I guess it was inevitable that God would show up.

Greatest American Hero #1

Nostalgia can be cruel sometimes. I remember watching this on TV and I have fond memories of it. This issue though was, well, it wasn’t horrible, but there was nothing there to keep me coming back.

Invincible Iron Man #8

Have I mentioned how much I love this book? I like it when smart characters can just be smart without having to be dumbed down for the masses. This is really the first glimpse we’re getting of Osborn running the show, and yay for Tony for sticking it to him just a little bit. I really, really think this Dark Reign era of Marvel is going to make for some great stories.

Mighty Avengers #20

This was the Wasp’s funeral, and our reintroduction to Hank Pym. I thought his outburst at Tony was totally justified, and I’d like to see where he and Thor went. Knowing Thor, I’m sure it was a place to either drink or fight or maybe both. I do believe Osborn is going to be a lot of appearances this year. I’ve got a question, though. Is Mighty Avengers over? Will Dark Avengers replace it or just supplement it?

Squadron Supreme #6

I’d probably like this book a little more if the artwork didn’t distract me so much. It’s hideous. That and all of the regular 616 analogues are pretty redundant. I mean, that’s what the Ultimate universe is for. Hell, Fury is even from that universe. At least at the end we got an appearance from Superman and Green Lantern, I’m sorry, I mean Hyperion and Dr. Spectrum. Are we building up to a battle between the Squadron, who have yet to show up in their own title, and Fury’s new S.H.I.E.L.D.?

Thunderbolts #127

This was an excellent issue that let all the really bad baddies have their day. I was almost rooting for them to kill Songbird. This title is going to be the one to watch, I think, now that Norman is running things. I’m guessing these guys are going to be his go-to, behind-the-scenes strike team. I’m also anxious to see where Songbird is going to end up. Dark Reign just started and it already rocks.

Ultimate Fantastic Four #59

Well, Sue is back, so that’s good. But apparently Reed infected her with some nanobots, so that’s not good. And the duo, instead of going after Reed, is going to look for Johnny. I can’t say that I blame them. Infecting them (assuming he did that to more than just Sue) was a pretty dick move.

Walking Dead #56

I think I’m just about done with zombies. I AM interested in seeing what Washington D.C. is like, but I think I’m going to put this book aside for a few months and see if it comes back any fresher. Right now it’s just the same old same old. Group of people traveling, tensions running high, that sort of thing. Maybe things will be different once they make it to a big city.

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MsBoku said...

Well, The Greatest American Hero comic book will be retelling how they all met and got the suit. (Also for people who don't know anything about the show.) Then they will be on to new adventures.
I loved it.
and with William Katt and Chris Folino writing it, it'll be great!
The show ended too early.