Saturday, January 10, 2009

Comic Book Reviews for the Week of Dec. 17, 2008 (Limited Series)

Black Terror #2

Black Terror breaks into the White House to rescue Tim, and he does it in a very dramatic way, rather than just storming the gates and forcing his way inside. It didn’t make any sense to me. He says he needs to announce his coming, but wouldn’t tearing through the ground forces work just as well? I guess it wouldn’t make for an as dramatic comic book. Eh. I had assumed the twist at the end would be Tim there ready to take him down, not other heroes from the urn we haven’t seen before.

Dead of Night: Devil Slayer #4

This mini started out a little differently, not like the same-old same-old comic. I’m not just talking about the cussing. I had expected some commentary on war, some real heart-breaking stuff. But it turned out to be a standard comic…with cussing. This issue ended the mini with our hero thought of as a bad guy, even though he saved the world. That NEVER happens.

Punisher: War Zone #2

It’s just like Ennis and Dillon’s first Punisher mini ended a few months ago. There was a lot of death, but it really wasn’t as disturbing as you might expect from Ennis. Just normal shootings and stabbings. I like Dillon as an artist, but his characters look a bit stiff. The facial expressions are wonderful, though.

Spider-Man: Noir #1

The best thing I can comment on with this issue is the cover. It’s a beautiful play on a classic Spider-Man pose. The story was your run-of-the-mill alternate reality story with Spidey and his supporting characters shoe-horned into various roles. The art was very muddled, especially whenever it was snowing. The flakes covered a lot of the frame. Yet another mini I’ll pass on.

Tangent: Superman’s Reign #10

So this whole thing is going to come down to a battle between the Tangent Superman and his New Earth Villains vs. his wife and a combination of New Earth and Tangent heroes. Sounds a bit one-sided to me, especially of Lola really does have the same powers as Tangent Superman. How many times do we have to read an absolute power storyline (Squadron Supreme, Authority) to realize in the end it never works out. There is no perfect solution.

Trinity #29

One thing I’ve been liking about this series is that there have been tiny storylines inside this massive, weekly, year-long book. But this latest tale about the three heroes being gone and the world attempting to fix the vacuum is starting to wear thin for me. I sort of like where it’s going (where the heck ARE they?), I just wish it would get there a little quicker.

X-Men: Kingbreaker #1

I know I say this each time I start reading a new X-Men title, but I’ve missed a BUNCH of stuff. I think I’m going to put this away until I’ve caught up on my X-history. I knew about Vulcan, but I had no idea about his takeover of the Shi’ar empire. I’ve got some research to do.

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