Saturday, January 10, 2009

TV Reviews for the Week of Dec. 14, 2008 Pt. 2

“Oh look at that. A dumb idea just found a friend.”

Emerson gets probably the best lines of the show, with Olive coming in a close second. And these two opposites are definitely my favorite characters. It seems like the show is really trying to wrap everything up before it’s over, and I hope it succeeds. I hope Olive is brought up to speed, I hope Ned confesses to Chuck about how her dad died, I hope that Emerson is reunited with his daughter, and I hope there’s a great story behind Ned’s dad’s disappearance.

I think I missed an episode or two. His girlfriend is dating someone else? And is blond? Good episode, though, and the kid was great.

Ah, gotta love the cliffhanger endings. I’m assuming he’s going to live, though, considering the show comes back in February. The stuff with Ted in prison was great. Since seeing him on Chicago Hope, I’ve enjoyed Adam Arkin in just about everything else I’ve seen him in. I was surprised that Reese fell off the wagon, but I’m glad she’s back in meetings.

The marriage was pointless. Classic. And they’re staying together. That’s sweet, I guess.

Y’know, it wasn’t the dead family that I felt most sorry for in this episode. No, it was JJ’s replacement as the media liaison. She’s trying really hard, and she’s getting nothing but crap from Hodges. The team is trying to be nice and helpful, but you can tell, especially at the end of this episode, that she’s not part of the team, just a temporary replacement.

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