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Comic Book Reviews for the Week of Dec. 10, 2008 (One-Shots)

Secret Invasion: Dark Reign #1

Where Secret Invasion was, well, secret, Bendis went a different direction with Dark Reign by getting ALMOST everything out in the open. We still don’t know who his secret weapon is, and I think it’s great that Namor and Doom have their own thing going. It was great to see Maleev back with Bendis, but his Namor looked like crap. He looked like some creepy guy rather than a noble king. I was initially surprised that Emma Frost was there, but it was explained very well. I can hardly ever find fault with a Brian Michael Bendis story, and this is no exception. He IS Marvel Comics.

What If? House of M #1

While the story wasn’t all that bad, I thought the art work was extremely ugly. We’re given a great cover by Jimmy Cheung and Marko Djurdjevic, and what’s on the inside is semi-manga crap. Seeing Paolo Pantalena’s name on a book won’t necessarily keep me from buying it, but it will if I’m on the fence about something. It was like a cross between bad early ‘90s Image style and manga. I would have thought Tony would have created more Iron suits earlier than he did, or at least put people in his old suits. He’s done it before. The trouble with these What If books is that so much story has to packed into too little a space. If it were a mini series, I’m sure it would play out better.

What If? Fallen Son #1

I think this story played out better than the previous. There wasn’t as long a stretch of time that was condensed and/or glossed over to fit it into the issue. The art was better, but still not all that great. Trevor Goring seems to be a poor man’s Sean Phillips or Alex Maleev. I also like that the story wasn’t given a clean finish. It lets us mull over the ending, letting us form our own ultimate ending.

Wolverine: Flies to a Spider #1

All flash, no substance. This is just a chance to show Wolverine killing a lot of people. Sure, there’s a reason for it, but it definitely comes in second to the violence. It felt more like a Punisher book.

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