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TV Reviews for the Week of Dec. 7, 2008 Pt. 2

"Make it look like an accident. Trip over an ottoman and Dick Van Dyke his ass."

Having Chuck’s dad around gave the tension between the couple a renewed awkwardness. I think it’s just too bad that he left. Will Chuck and Ned go after him? Will the next episode be a road trip? And out of all of the interactions, the ones between Emerson and Olive are always the best. They’re a good team.

"What? What could they possibly have against the homos? I mean, the homos have given us everything. They’ve given us fashion and art and stretch denim and caramelized onions. I just love the homos."

I really enjoyed Megan Mullaly’s guest spot here more than on 30 Rock, and it’s not because of the lesbian kiss because that...that was just disturbing. The vasectomy thing was just ridiculous. It’s not that bad of a procedure, and hey, no more kids.

"’Cause bills are light and they bend. Nickels are heavy and hilarious."

With young ‘uns, their milestones have also been milestones for me. Starting on solid foods, getting rid of the bottle, potty training, dressing themselves, learning how to use the TV remote control...all their milestones either save me money or time. Apparently, though, according to this episode, as they get older, their milestones will cost me more money. Drats!

Things have very slowly been going in the direction that Det. Crews has wanted them to go in. But now Ted is back in jail and Crews is under someone’s thumb. As with all the cop shows that I thoroughly enjoy, I don’t care about the cases. I like watching the characters together. Crews and Ted. Crews and Reese. Reese and the Captain. Hell, the Captain with everyone. Crews and Bobby. I’m into the personal stuff.

You know how this is going to end. The FBI comes in to help with a local case, and the local cops get their hackles up. By the end of the episode, the two agencies work with each other to solve the case, and there’s respect all around. I work for an agency that promotes interagency cooperation, so I always bristle a little bit during shows like this. But really, this isn’t the norm for this show. Usually the agencies are happy for the FBI’s assistance and do all they can to help.

If I’m not mistaken, this is a ripped-from-the-headlines story that was ripped from the headlines a couple of decades ago. I remember learning about this in one of my journalism classes. A journalist wrote a series of award winning articles about a heroin addict. When all was said and done, the entire thing was made up. There was no death, no murder that I can recall, but it’s very similar.

Brian’s talk with God just seemed false, and the show was too predictable by having his wife get better. At least he still acted like his dickish self when talking with the Bishop. And since there wasn’t a "Next time on Dirty Sexy Money" at the end of the episode, I’m scared that this was the last episode and it ended on a pretty awful cliffhanger to end on. Nick wasn’t shot, Karen was still at the house, Jeremy was knocked out, Patrick was floored by two cops, and I’m pretty sure Leticia and Tripp went out the back. That leaves Carmelita. I’d say Shane (was that his name?) unloaded on her to get back at Patrick.

That was just the kind of intervention I’d expect from Michael. And when that doesn’t work, he treats her like he’s taking a dog to the vet but gets her in the car by telling her they’re going to the park. Nice. So now everybody knows about Angela and Dwight. I wonder when Andy will find out. This is going to be some awkward fun. And once again, poor Toby.

"Those are gonna be the happiest poor kids since my brother and I went to Neverland Ranch."

"If all you wanted was a hug from a black person, maybe you should just host the Price Is Right."

"This is a religious holiday. When has religion ever caused trouble?"

"I’m trying to produce a Christmas special that makes It’s a Wonderful Life look like Pulp Fiction."

Y’know, I could probably post nothing but quotes from this show and I would have the funniest blog ever. I was caught off guard by the realization that Colleen was boffing Mr. Schwartz to provide a nice Christmas for her kids. It’ its own way.

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