Thursday, December 11, 2008

Comic Book Reviews for the Week of Nov. 26, 2008 (Specials and One-Shots)

JSA Kingdom Come Special: The Kingdom #1

And now the other shoe is about to drop. We knew that SOMETHING bad was going to happen with Gog, and now even his superhero followers are beginning to see that he might not be all he’s cracked up to be. I’m a little surprised, though. Atom Smasher showed Damage how Gog’s “gifts” are affecting their teammates, but he brushes it off. Then when Gog asks to be worshipped, that’s when the heroes pause. They thought he was a god, what did they expect? Gods are there to be worshipped. Johns did a good job of showing Damage’s vanity now that he has a normal face again, and as the former black sheep of the JSA (or at least one of them), it felt natural to have Atom Smasher talk to him. I’m looking forward to the follow up of this in the regular series.

Thor: Man of War #1

I was wondering what all these Thor one-shots were leading up to, and I guess now we know. Apparently Donald Blake wasn’t the first human host of Thor. These one-shots detail the events leading up to Odin’s bonding of Thor to a human. I’ve just started getting into Thor with his new series, and these one-shots have been a great glimpse into Asgard and Thor’s psyche.

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