Wednesday, November 12, 2008

TV Reviews for the Viewing Week of Nov. 2, 2008 Pt. 1

"This is my wheelchair! There are many like it, but this one is mine! Without me my wheelchair is useless! Without my wheelchair I am useless!"

Ah, Peter and his whacky shenanigans. And if you don't get why that quote is hilarious, then go watch Full Metal Jacket.

"Sometimes all you can do is put an idea in a man’s head and hope for the best."

Mac is batshit crazy, and so is Tiffy if she's going to take him back after that. And good to see the women’s subplot going somewhere.

I seem to have skipped an episode. Thank goodness Fox has these things on line. Another Terminator was sent back? And another resistance fighter? This is getting ridiculous. At least Shirley Manson is starting to act like a robot. But so is Sarah. She never learned how to be a mother, and sometimes she can act as mechanical as Cameron. But wait, there’s more! Yet ANOTHER Terminator was sent back, this time to take the place of the FBI agent, but the other Terminator disables it. Seriously, why doesn’t Skynet just send an army of Terminators back?

"Forks are for eating, tridents are for ruling the seven seas."

More Sheldon goodness. Good. He’s vastly more interesting than Leonard, and an entire episode around the other two would be shaky at best, as evidenced by the episode that focused on the Indian guy (whose name I can never remember). I wouldn’t mind seeing more of Kaley Cuoco, though. She’s purty.

"Driver, can you run us into the nearest light post? Everyone buckle up. Not you Ted."

This episode is like the opposite of what we’ve been experiencing this season. Instead of whiney Ted, we get acceptance Ted and angry Ted. I do like how it ended, though.

Ew. Gretchen kissed an old man. Bellick stepped up, but now they’re one man down. And Mahoney, wow. Can’t say as I blame the guy.

"No, hey, I’ve been dealing with wedding details every single day for the last 30 days and I need a break. So, I’m gonna call my mom and I’m gonna tell her that I canceled the meeting at the club with the wedding coordinator, and then I have the whole day to sit at home and watch the Baby Stories marathon. It’s so good. It’s about babies...and their stories."

Looks like I missed another episode. OnDemand, here I come! I can’t say this enough: I lucked out with my in-laws, all around. I like to think that Angie lucked out, too.

How long has this show been on? Six years? This is the only time I can remember Aceveda showing some balls. And Shane seems to be enjoying his family time while on the run more than he did when he was living the crooked cop life.

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