Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sierra Nevada Anniversary Ale (Beer Review)

From the label:
"Featuring Cascade hops, this delightful brew celebrates our history as a pioneer of the craft beer movement."

I picked up this six pack because I figured it was a limited brew celebrating a pretty important anniversary. I didn’t realize it was a seasonal beer that they made every year. It’s their 28th anniversary this year. I felt a little cheated.

This beer has a very light, fruity aroma. I’m not quite sure what I’m smelling, possibly grapefruit or some other citrus, but it’s very nice and inviting. It’s got a nice color to it, sort of an opaque bronze. The first taste has the bitter quality that I associate with Sierra Nevada (I’ve had their Pale Ale and their Summerfest). With subsequent drinks, the bitterness seems to subside while the fruitiness of the aroma starts to show up.

Out of the three types of Sierra Nevada that I’ve had, I’ve got to say that this is by far my favorite. It’s easy to drink and full of flavor with just enough of an aftertaste to be pleasant and not overwhelming. If this is what I can expect each year from Sierra Nevada’s Anniversary Ale, then I’ll be looking forward to it’s yearly release, regardless of what anniversary they’re celebrating.

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Kate said...

I tend to like Sierra Nevada's brews regardless of which one it is, though I seem to remember them making a fine porter or stout. Their holiday seasonal I don't love, but that's probably because I have Jubelale at my beck and call.