Monday, November 24, 2008

Comic Book Reviews for the Week of Nov. 12, 2008 (Specials and One-Shots)

JSA Kingdom Come Special: Superman #1

"Oh. Damn."

First of all, it is so awesome to see Alex Ross doing the artwork for an entire book. The first thing about the art I noticed is that he’s just doing pencil and ink work, not colors; this isn’t a painted book. I’m finding that sits very well with me. It’s definitel Ross’ work, but Alex Sinclair is providing it with a depth I never realized was lacking from Ross’ painted work. I think it has to do with general contrast and the shaded areas. Pulling panels straight from Kingdom Come was nice, and when KC Superman brings the Daily Planet attackers down to street level, it’s very reminiscent of Kingdom Come #1 (I think) when he returns from his self-imposed exile. It was also nice to see Norman McCay again, and I’m sure Ross was glad he would be able to honor his father in another book. Superman keeps talking about how his Earth died and that he was shunted to...what are they calling it, New Earth?...when the bomb went off. But the Earth wasn’t destroyed in Kingdom Come, so I have to wonder if he’ll eventually be shunted back just seconds after he left, which would still keep Kingdom Come, at least the end, somewhat relevant. This was a beautifully written and a beautifully drawn book. Kingdom Come was the book that brought me back into comics after a year or two hiatus, so it’s always nice to revisit it, especially with new stories.

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