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TV Reviews for the Viewing Week of Nov. 9, 2008 Pt. 2

"We’re gonna need a fire extinguisher, and maybe some sort of trauma counselor."

My wife really wants Bones and Booth to end up together. No, I think that would be weird. I think they have a really close brother/sister bond. Yes, there is love there, but not THAT kind of love. When Bones found out that Booth had been bailing his little brother out of trouble for years at the cost of his own success, you could see the hurt and the caring she feels for him. And I’d also like to give some kudos to David Boreanez. His acting has improved by leaps and bounds since his days as Angel.

"He may need to know karate."

Just a so-so episode. The best part was Matthew hitting on the girl in Ritchie’s class.

"Dude, you can’t get married without strippers. It’s in the Bible, I think."

Once again, I’ve missed the previous episode. It’s difficult when I’m supposed to be watching so much stuff at a certain time. Poor Sam. Even when some goes his way (his fiancé telling him why she loves him and wants to marry him), he still ends up screwing up.

Looks like I missed another one of these, too. Okay, so Terminator guy held Sarah by the neck with one hand and pointed a gun at her head with the other. Why? He could just crush her throat, or put a fist through her skull, or even just a robotic finger. I tend to like stories like this, where a short amount of time is the main story, but we get to see each angle of the story by following each character separately. I think it’s why I liked Starman so much. James Robinson did this a lot over his 80-issue run. I still marvel at the lack of a targeting program in this highly sophisticated robot. And what the hell kind of bullets were they using on Cromartie? I thought conventional weaponry couldn’t hurt a Terminator. And I’ve got one thing to say to regarding the commercials played during their on-demand episodes: don’t show the same commercial throughout a single program. I get it. Jack Bauer will be returning in a 2-hour 24 event! I’ve got my DVR set. Is nothing else noteworthy happening in the next week?

"Oh God, please don’t let it be an STD. I’ve made it to almost 40."

Hmm, I’m wondering if I should use this show as a blueprint for when Angie finally gets fed up with me and divorces me. The lesson learned this week? Don’t take anyone to...hmm, I guess Angie and I don’t have an "our" restaurant.

"If you run, you’ll only die tired."

Not the best episode, I thought. The kid who was living in the mall with his sister, I don’t like him. He had a recurring role on CSI: NY, and I’ve seen him pop up here and there, and I don’t think he’s all that great. I was surprised that Reese met with the new Captain for dinner. That…that relationship would just confuse me. And I don’t think Cruz’s renewed relationship with his wife is going to end well. Somebody’s going to wind up getting hurt.

Blah. It’s official, I’m bored with this show.

The best part of the episode was actually hearing James Marsters voice at the end. He was the best thing that ever happened to the show, and he was short-lived. I was hoping this Chloe storyline would see him brought back, but I’ll take a voice if that’s all we’re getting. I’m pretty excited about next week’s episode. It looks like we’re finally going to see Doomsday, and from what I saw in the previews, he looks pretty good. And regardless of his origin or initial appearance, the writers seem be staying true to his powers and abilities, so that’s good.

This was a really good Reid (there Angie, happy?) episode...well, not so much for him, I guess. We finally see Reid’s father for the first time, it’s just too bad that Reid thinks he sexually assaulted then killed a 6-year-old boy. This is obviously some rough stuff for Reid to go through, and he ends up running the gamut of emotions before everything is wrapped up nice and neat and everyone makes it back to D.C. in time for Reid to become godfather of JJ’s new baby boy.

This episode really brought up Andy’s stock. He went from the angry Cornell suck-up to the perpetual wingman. And you can’t help but feel sorry for him in his relationship with
Angela. Even if she weren’t cheating on him, it’s Angela. I agree with Oscar, "What do you see in her?"

Ooh, that ATF bitch is, well, a bitch. And there is no way Opie is getting out of this predicament alive. Poor Opie.

"Don’t you recognize me? Oh, I forgot, I’m wearing a pediatrician."

Well now Sam. There seems to be a bit of slap and tickle, a little pinch and squeal between Sam and his demon girlfriend. After the guys find a girl who can listen to the angels, Ruby runs off with her while the boys fight a demon. Later, while searching for Ruby, Sam tells Dean how they got together. After storytime, the boys meet back up with Ruby and Anna, only to be told by Castiel that Anna has to die. Honestly, I can see his way of thinking. Dean even said it: she’s a direct line to the enemy’s plans. It would just be easier for the angels to get rid of her and have that loose end taken care of. The needs of the many and all that nonsense.

"We all want what’s best for Jack. So let’s just have this three-way."

Night Court! Harry, Christine and Mac! Jennifer Aniston may not have been the most talented friend, but she was definitely the hottest. But yeah, she’s not that great of an actress. I liked watching her in this episode, but she just annoyed me. As always, Kenneth and Tracy were great.

"Hold still. You can’t run from the kindness of strangers."

So it’s not so much an Extreme Makover: Home Edition as it is Extreme Makeover: Hate Crime. I never realized that Frank was such a master manipulator. Ah, he knew the whole time that it was going to fail, big time. At least they were able to get the taco bed done...sort of.

Well, this show got an extra, what, five extra episodes for the season? Eh, I’m bored with this one, too. I can’t waste an hour just for the few minutes when something from the future pops up.

First pre-credits impressions? Too Silver Agey. As much of a fan I am of the Bruce Timm Batman series, I don’t think I’ll find anything to match up to it. Plus, Dietrich Bader is the voice of Batman. I’ll never be able to take him seriously as anything but a goofball. Post-credit, it’s still very Silver Agey, but that makes it weird since it’s got the latest Blue Beetle in it. I’m sorry, I just can’t watch it any more. It’s too childish, even for me. Now, if I were a fan of Silver Age DC comics, this cartoon would be awesome. But I’m not, and it isn’t. Put The Batman back on CW on Saturday mornings and I’ll watch that...or my Batman: The Animated Series collection.

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