Saturday, October 11, 2008

TV Reviews for the Viewing Week of Oct. 5, 2008 Pt. 1

Dennis Leary in Everybody Poops. At first it amused me. Then it got me thinking. I REALLY like Leary when I was 14. I listened to No Cure for Cancer all the time. Then I noticed him in movies, and he was pretty decent, but he was still Dennis Leary. The he got his own show, The Job, and I really liked it. But again, it was Dennis Leary as a cop, not playing a cop. I haven’t watched Rescue Me, but I’m assuming it’s the same. He’s really a one-trick pony, isn’t he? Oh, yeah, and the episode was decent. Principal Skinner got the most chuckles out of me this episode.

This is how Family Guy works. They take a joke, repeat it, and it’s funny. Then they keep repeating it, and it gets kind of old. And yet they repeat it some more, and it’s funnier than it was originally. I feel so much better now that I now that bird is the word. And an Office Space parody! Awesome as hell! Kids, hell isn’t really awesome. It’s a horrible, fiery place of eternal damnation. And you’re all going there if you laughed at the Jesus joke, and you’ll be on one of the special circles with me if you laughed as hard as I did and almost woke up my kids. Damn, I wasn’t expecting it and it just knocked me upside the head with a big-ass hammer of funny. Oh crap, that was the most I’ve laughed in a long time.

Holy crap this guy just can’t catch a break…which, I guess, is the whole premise of the show. The whole adult-beating-up-a-beloved-childrens-mascot thing has been done before, but it usually ends with a group of children, especially the one said adult is with, crying hysterically. I liked this twist, which caused yet more damage to our hero’s worth in the eyes of his possible in-laws.

First off, kudos on the voice casting. All of the main characters sound almost exactly like the actors from the movies. I haven’t seen the recent movie, and I’ve heard nothing but bad reviews. I’m not as gung ho about Star Wars now though as I was about 15 years or so ago. I can handle some bad acting and some ridiculous plot devices. I also like this animation better than the Clone War mini episodes that Cartoon Network aired a couple of years ago. If nothing else, this show LOOKS really neat.

A plane hi-jacking, just like the first episode, except the plane is actually in the air. I love watching the team work. They are like real-life G.I. Joes…or as real life as a television series can portray. And while these men are risking their lives in the air, at home their wives are in almost as much danger. This episode shows what happens to the ladies when they are really put through the test. Just like every week, kudos to all involved with this great show.

More shows really need to incorporate Huey Lewis and the News music into the story. And hot blondes. Hot blondes need to be everywhere. But not in an underground base. It’s a corny show, but the spy cave? Really? When are they going to get their own Q? No Q, but they’ve got Mistress Heather (CSI fans know who I’m talking about), so that’s okay. Sometimes I don’t like it when the two main characters end up hooking up, but sometimes it works. I think it would work here, as long as they don’t make Chuck the suave super-spy guy. Hmm, I thought Bryce ended up dying. Guess I was wrong.

Sheldon and Penny interacting is always funny. Oh, and this episode had it all. Sheldon and sex. Penny and online gaming. Leonard confused about everything. Very good, very funny episode.

Barney picking up a lesbian. Sweet. I’ve never understood the animosity toward New Jersey. I’ve heard it’s quite beautiful…in places. Of course, I’ve never been there or to New York. But Marshall gave a quite compelling speech in defense of NJ. But of course we got Ted bitching again, and it was about how great New York is. What a broken record.

As much as I’m enjoying watching T-Bag sweat it out while attempting to be someone he’s not, it’s always that much better watching him get beat down, cut up, and locked away where he can’t be found. I would think that Agent Self would have known about computer guy’s problems in Vegas and would not have allowed him to go, or at the least make sure he doesn’t enter a casino.

I’m surprised by how much I’m enjoying Brian Austin Green. For the short amount of time I watched the original Beverly Hills 90210, his was one of the more annoying characters on the show. I like that, thanks to his characters, we get to see glimpses of the future. I enjoyed this episode. I enjoyed that they referenced the first movie, a variation of which was used as the plot. And it took me until the end of the episode to make the connection between John’s alias and the book used for the book report. Way to go, Eagle Eye.

Watching Sylar as a homebody was amusing. I wonder if having Claire’s ability saved him? And I wonder if it’s going to matter. I hope we get to see why Gabriel named his son after Bennet. Is it because he feels guilty of something or because the two ended up being friends? The last part sounds a bit improbable while the first sounds very probable. It looks like my theory regarding the triplets was wrong. They WERE triplets, not clones. Oh well, it’s nice to be wrong, that way I’m surprised when the truth comes out.

Well, we already knew Denny liked his guns. At least we got to see him shoot somebody. And that was definitely the highlight of the episode. I’m getting bored with it. This may be my first casualty of this season.

I hope Crews and his wife get back together, and I like the way he was upfront with her new husband. Donal Logue is great as the new captain, and he’s definitely got his creepy moments. Good for Reese for confronting her father. His response wasn’t exactly inspiring, too.

Poor, poor Vic. He’s only slightly ahead of the curve professionally while his personal and family life is just slowly crumbling away. It took me until about half-way through the episode to remember who Tavon was. This is a problem I have with this show and 24. Episodes and characters plotlines all get jumbled together and I tend to either forget or interchange things. It looks like the Armenian problem is solved, but I’m surprised that Vic punked out regarding Shane. He was all about the payback for Lem, and then he has a change of heart? Shane doesn’t deserve it.

Horatio didn’t put his glasses on! What is the world coming to?!? Y’know, I wouldn’t even watch this show if it weren’t on OnDemand. At least I don’t have to waste DVR space on it.


beau said...

Terminator was just pretty gay. The thing I hate about the show, as compared to the movie, is that it tries to be deep, self-righteous, and pretty gay. I loved the interlacing of the reading of the Wizard of Oz with the blowing off the terminator's head in a coordinated quasi-militant-fake-secretive offensive. Because... they... have so much... to do with ...each other... the parallels... were just... unmistakable... ? wow. In the movie, they would have just kicked ass. Not refelected, had compassion, had reflective compassionate and shaping conversations, kicked ass lightly while at the same time enjoying a compassion-building moment of depth from afar, then teared up. There was a little of all that gooey stuff compressed into about 3 minutes. After the ass had been kicked in profane amounts. But that's where the line is drawn.
I also liked the part where the terminator (have we even seen that one before? where are the limits? If it was easy to send a plethora of terminators back, why didn't they just do that the first time? Simultaneously. I mean, if one is dangerous and forces you to run run run, then how about 20. In groups of 5. Diverging on their location from each direction. Season finale?) I also liked when the goofiest-looking terminator ever was stumbling through the woods and was like, "huh huh, what's up army guy... I'm just stumbling by... nevermind me... dumduhduhdumdum"
Terminator, I wish I could quit you.

I'm just having a hard time keeping up with Heroes. In a bad way. Like my pathways were eroding my first time out. So I guess it's good we're revisiting. When Peter said to Nathan something like "Yeah, and you're beyond manipulation... you tried to blow up New York!" I was like, "he did?" Then it all started to come back to me before deciding not to. It would be hard enough to keep up with all 50 characters and what they're trying to accomplish and who's trying to stop them and what their real plan is and what's their hangup without going back and forth in time and doubling (at least) those factors.
Plus, the three Nikkis, as though one were not enough, bug me (See The Boys from Brazil. And Suresh, once again, takes up his role as Jeff Goldblum. Indian Jeff Goldblum. As though there were not enough.) Anyway, new Nikki is like "never have I felt extreme emotion whilst holding something! Too bad the first thing was a reporter!" I love how no one subtly discovers their powers. They have to jump off buildings, kill reporters, kill entire wedding parties...

Not to say I didn't enjoy it in its entirety. I just thought I would lambaste if you prop.

Rob Rosenblatt said...

I figured you'd empathise with the dead reporter a bit, considering how he WAS the Greatest American Hero.

The thing with Terminator is that it's a show about time travel, which can raise all sorts of negative questions. If there are limits on the number of robots sent back in time at one time, why not send future Terminators to the same point anyways? It shouldn't make a difference. Robert Patrick shows up milliseconds after Arnie arrives in the past, and seconds after that Kristina Lokken shows up. So you've got three Terminators of varying strengths and abilities all trying to kill Sarah Connor before she even hooks up with Reese. Are there rules to time travel that we're not aware of?