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TV Reviews for the Viewing Week of Oct. 12, 2008 Pt. 1

Tiffy just can’t catch a break. First she’s arrested for DUI after doing a favor for Ryan’s ex, then her marriage falls apart (granted, she shares blame in that), now she’s being blackmailed by a high-school student. And something’s up in the Unit’s new town, and the one having the hardest time adjusting sniffs it out. Can’t wait to see what this leads to. Domestic terrorism, or just a test? I felt bad for Jonas. He really wanted to help those girls.

Due to cable outages, my recording cut off before the end. I also missed How I Met Your Mother, so I’ll have to finish up by visiting CBS.com. Well, at least for HIMYM, because CBS doesn’t have BBT available online. But what I saw was funny. Not so much the Indian guy’s stuff, but all the reactions to his newfound "fame."

Stupid Bryce. I don’t like him. And then he goes and tries to be all nice and stuff. What a douche. And then he puts the new Intersect in Chuck’s head? Gah! Chuck and Sarah is a relationship that I want to see work, like Sydney and what’s-his-name in Alias, like Ross and Rachel. Hmm, which Adam Baldwin character do you think would win in a fight? Animal Mother from Full Metal Jacket, Jayne from Firefly, Hamilton from Angel, or Casey from Chuck? I think Hamilton takes them all out, but Baldwin definitely has an affinity for a certain type of character: a fighter, someone who can hold his own, a loner who will work with a group if he has to or if it will serve him better in the end. And yet these four characters are completely different. I like him. He’s a good actor.

This one was pretty good. Barney’s pick-up at the beginning was great, as were the flashbacks to the memories of the items he should throw out and the various interventions. R2-Sweet Tooth! Arthritis five! Awesome! Ted was pleasantly not whiny, Robin was great when she went full Canadian, and Lily and Marshall were their great usual selves. Maybe not the best episode for any certain character, but definitely the best overall episode of the season so far.

"We are bad-asses now."
I thought last episode Peter did the cutty thing into Sylar’s head rather than break his neck. Maybe Nathan isn’t crazy. Daphne sees Linderman, too? I wonder if it’s Linderman at all, or maybe just an incredibly powerful telepath...which, of course, was explained at the end. I’m disappointed in myself that I didn’t see the reveal coming. Sigh. I’m glad Adam is back. He was great last year, and I liked the actor in Alias. Brundle-Suresh is creepy. Where is his cocoon material coming from? I guess he’s becoming a real Spider-Man. But seriously, where is the webbing coming from?

I feel so much pity for this guy. He tries SOOOOOO hard and always winds up getting shit on. He should have known better about the truck, though.

As a premiere this was great. Like a tiny little movie. And Christian Slater was perfect. I wonder, though, how long this can last. Will the premise create enough stories to make it interesting past a couple of seasons? I hope so. I really enjoyed this episode, and I’d like to see in which direction it’s going.

Okay, it’s official. I’m done with this show. I’ve got too much on my plate and Denny and his vibrating penis aren’t enough to save the show for me.

I like that there’s a semi-rational reason for what’s-her-name to be seeing John. As with the premise of the show, it’s all about the fringe science. I kind of hope her brain doesn’t end up purging him, and he’s able to stay with her and help her out.

Holy shit, Vic got played big time by a crack whore. His life is falling apart all around him: his job is gone, his wife is gone, his daughter is self-destructing, he’s losing his son from another mother, and his plan to kill Shane failed. They’re not just ending the show, they’re destroying this guy.

Do ANY cops have decent home lives? So now Stabler’s daughter is bi-polar, which explains her destructive the past few seasons. Good episode with a personal touch.

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