Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Flying Dog Double Dog Double Pale Ale (Beer Review)

Double everything is right. Double hops, double malt, double alcohol, double kick. I’d probably like it more if it were less malty. I’m finding that I’m not a malt guy. Hops I’m good with, malts in moderation. I’ll probably be staying away from anything with a double or triple in its name for the foreseeable future.

That said, I wasn’t expecting the maltiness of this beer. Regardless of the double, since it’s a pale ale, I guess I was just expecting more hops.

The alcohol kicks you in the mouth almost immediately. This is a strong beer at 10.5%. That was probably the saving grace for this beer to somewhat take your mind off of the malt.

And now that I look at the description on the webpage, I wonder if I actually know the taste difference between malt and hops. I associate sweetness with malt and more bitterness with hops. This beer is described as having "an insane amount of Cascade and Columbus hops," but I get nothing but syrupy sweetness. Looks like I have to do more research.

All in all, I think I’d rather have two pale ales than a double pale ale.

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