Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hot Rod (Movie Review)

Don’t go into this movie expecting a comedic masterpiece. It’s not. But if you like juvenile humor, if you like some pretty rough physical comedy, and if you like movies where the dorky guy gets the incredibly hot girl, you should be mildly amused by this movie. It’s also one of those weird movies that you can’t really figure out when it takes place, like Napoleon Dynamite and Balls of Fury. All of the characters seem to be firmly planted in the ‘80s, but there are a few references to modern things. I can never figure out if that adds to or detracts from the humor. I guess I’m over thinking it.

I think Andy Samburg is great on Saturday Night Live, but he’s not quite good enough to carry his own movie. There were some chuckles, but most of the gags were pretty much expected. Isla Fisher is gorgeous. That’s all I have to say about her. Will Arnett has a relatively small part in the movie, but he’s a dick, and he’s best when he’s playing a dick. Bill Hader and Chris Parnell, two more SNL cast members, also show up. They bring the funny, too.

This movie is definitely worth a rent, and if these types of comedies are your thing, then you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not having it in your collection. And we really do learn who the winner is of the biggest fight of all time. No, not astronauts vs. cavemen, but taco vs. grilled cheese.

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