Thursday, October 16, 2008

CSS: Donkey (CD review)

Not Worth It

I wasn’t all that thrilled with CSS’s international debut album, Cansei de Ser Sexy (which is what CSS stands for). One of the songs off the album, Music Is My Hot Hot Sex, was featured in an iPod commercial, and I fell in love with the hook. I still love the song, but it’s the only one off the album that I connected with. I decided to check out their sophomore release, though, to see if anything captured the feel of this single.

The CD was released in July of this year. Three singles have been released, the most recent being Move, which was released earlier this week. The CD sounds pretty club friendly, but less so than the previous attempt, which is what turned me off of the CD. This is a little more poppy and radio friendly. So far, though, nothing has grabbed me like Music Is My Hot Hot Sex did.

I like the lead singer’s voice. She reminds me of a less nasaly, more exotic Gwen Steffani. But it’s more solo Gwen and a lot less No Doubt Gwen, which is really turning me off.

Ultimately, I would give this album and the band in general a pass. It’s too club, too pop for me. At no time does the CD slow down; it’s constantly moving, never letting you catch your breath or just chill. If you like that sort of stuff, give it a try. It might be your thing. I’ll stick to enjoying their one song that I like.

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