Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tony Harris JSA project FINALLY announced!

You might remember a few months ago when I attempted to "report" on a "scoop" I had discovered about Tony Harris reteaming with James Robinson on an Earth 2 story arc. Well, about 90% of that was based on a couple of tweets from Mr. Harris.

Here, take a gander.

Turns out the artist IS working on a new JSA story, it's just not with Mr. Robinson and it's not about the "current" JSA. It's a crossover of sorts between his and B. Clayton Moore's creation, The Whistling Skull, and it's set in the Liberty Files/Unholy 3 universe.

I can't believe how off yet how close my rumor was to actual truth. That blog posting mentioned the wonderfulness of JSA: The Liberty Files and The Unholy 3, but my mind went straight to Earth 2 without even contemplating another Liberty Files sequel.

I know nothing about The Whistling Skull. I know nothing about it because the first mini, The Further Adventures of the Whistling Skull, while announced in the spring of 2010, hasn't actually been released yet. Harris has been posting his work-in-progress pages on his Twitter feed, and I just assumed the beginning of the series had already been released. Apparently not. So, good news, I've eventually got another series to had to my pull list at my LCS!

In researching the Skull and trying to crack the mystery of this series I thought had been released, I came upon some good articles that you might like to read. Here's one from iFanboy. Here's one from Comic Book Resources. This one is from Multiversity Comics. This last one is from Bleeding Cool.

I'd also be remiss in not directing you to Tony Harris' Twitter account. The guy posts TONS of his artwork during the various production stages. I would imagine this would be very instructive to any budding artists. For a fan, it's just amazing to see how these purdy pitchers get made.

Also, I just had a totally tangential thought: imagine Tony Harris doing an homage to Grant Wood's "American Gothic." Opal City, probably the Starman Museum, in the background. Jack Knight on the right holding his cosmic/gravity rod. The female Mist on the left. If I had a dump truck full of money, I'd back it up to Tony Harris and ask him nicely to create this for me. But alas, I don't, so now I'm sad.

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