Monday, May 7, 2012

honeyhoney Song of the Day

Oh, such a treat for you today. To make up for my long weekend (I saw The Avengers on Friday. That took precedence over EVERYTHING), here are FOUR videos, three from Billy Jack and one from First Rodeo. We've got "Ohio," "Old School Friends," "L.A. River," and "All on You." And I've got less than a week before I see honeyhoney in concert. What a fun, sexy time for me.

I haven't brought him up much because Suzanne is the lead singer, but damn, Ben Jaffe is a fine guitar player, and his voice is not unpleasing. "Old School Friends" is a great duet, and Jaffe gets to shine a little more. This song also makes me feel incredibly nostalgic for my youth in Jasper, IN, and for all the people I left behind when I moved to Tennessee. I miss them all, even the people I didn't like.

I couldn't find a live version of "L.A. River," but this short film uses it, so here you go.

The video quality of this last song isn't all that great, but the audio comes through nice a clear.

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