Wednesday, August 10, 2011


In case you didn't know, I've got two (well, technically three) blogs other than this one. Two of them originally had a purpose, and the third was my first attempt at blogging that lasted mere minutes. I'm deleting the old TMWIAM? blog and the writing blog. The first is just redundant, and the second I'm going to fold into THIS blog. Why not? Since people actually read this thing, maybe posting my creative writing and (hopefully) getting some feedback might encourage me to keep up with it.

I've imported all of the posts from these two blogs (all TEN of out!). The writing blog contains two poems and two short stories. If you'd like to read them, scroll down the right side of the blog and find the labels "poetry" and "short story." They'll hook you up, because I'm about to delete those blogs permanently. I've just reread them for the first time since posting them, and I have to say, I still like the most recent poem. The other one was written in college when I was away from my girlfriend, so I make no apologies for how serious it is. Teenagers, amirite? I still like the children's story, but when I reread it, I imagined the narrator as the honey badger guy. The other short story. God awful. REALLY awful. I still like the idea and think it warrants an eventual rewrite, but what I ended putting on the page was crap.

Since I won't have that writing blog anymore and I actually want to dive back into my writing (practice makes perfect, and after reading that old story of mine, it looks like I need LOTS of practice), I'll be going through a bunch of older stuff, high school and college stuff, and burning it off here, warts and all. I imagine the poetry will be highly embarrassing and might provide untold hours of ridicule from a certain circle of friends should they need a bit of a laugh. I remember thinking everything I was writing was so heavy and serious. It was NEW, it was LOVE, and it was IN THE MOMENT. Man, this is either going to be horrific or hilarious. I doubt there will be much middle ground.

And since I'm ever the optimist, I'm keeping the last blog. I would LOVE to be able to one day actually SEE my comic book, if not as an actual comic, then as a web comic.

So, um, yeah. That's it.

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