Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What You Should Have Read #25

Badassery in Last Week's Comics

Armor was introduced by Joss Whedon during his run on Astonishing X-Men. As much as I love Joss and pretty much everything he does, I always thought of her as a legacy character, somebody that a new writer introduces early in his run and keeps around just so he can leave his mark. Well, she gets herself a pretty badass moment in this week’s issue.

New Avengers, a title by my second favorite writer Brian Michael Bendis, serves up some mighty fine badassery by Hawkeye and Wolverine. Art is by Mike Deodato, who has come a long way since his Wonder Woman days when I found his work utterly horrible.


I can’t really say that I thought Secret Avengers #12.1 was a very good issue, but I enjoyed this page. I always enjoy it when a hero gives the out-matched villain a much-deserved beatdown.

Thoroughly enjoyed some of the quips in Incredible Hulks #628 this week, and I hope something showed up  this past week on Gamma Squad (and it did!).

I was hoping that G.I. Joe v4 #1 would have a couple of badass moments, but nothing jumped out at me. Following the death of Cobra Commander, I was hoping that the relaunched Joe series would fall more in line with the Cobra series, which was a great double-agent spy series.

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