Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What You Should Have Eaten #13

Fajita Beef Pie

No cocktail tonight. I’m on some antibiotics for strep that’s running rampant through the house (three out of the four of us have it). The recipe calls for half a bottle of Mexican beer, so I picked up a sixer of Tecate. I needed something relatively inexpensive but still decent, and I refuse to have Corona in the house because it is definitely not decent. I’ve enjoyed Tecate before, though, and a six-pack of cans wasn’t that much. I’ll finish the half of one that I use to cook with, but that’ll be all the alcohol I have tonight. I want to make sure the penicillin isn’t hampered in any way.

I did a pretty intense cleaning of the house this weekend, and, while not totally done yet (I’m saving the floors for after dinner tonight), the last thing cleaned was the kitchen counters. Yeah, that’ll be undone with dinner. Sigh.

As I discovered last week, this is an easy dish to make. This is almost exactly like last week’s dinner, except replace the ground chicken with ground sirloin, and replace the tomato sauce with beer. I’m also using a Mexican blend of shredded cheese instead of the recommended jalapeno pepper jack.

The biggest difference in preparation this week from last week is that I didn’t grab the handle of the cornbread skillet after I removed it from the oven. No burn! Yea! I almost did once, but I caught myself.

I liked this better than the BBQ Sloppy Chicken Pan Pizza. It was more flavorful. Last week’s dinner was just saucy.

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