Monday, August 30, 2010

What You Should Have Eaten #9

Balsamic-Glazed Chicken with Smoked Mozzarella and Garlic Rice Pilaf

Well, the drink doesn’t look a thing like in the book. I’m guessing that the maraschino syrup I’m using is not what they were talking about when they called for maraschino. Any idea what that is? This drink is very, very pink. I feel like I’m supporting breast cancer research. The drink in the book, though, has a bit of a yellow tint. Hmm.

It’s a tart drink. Not bad, but not great. Passable. I won’t have any problem drinking it, though.

This meal is a variation on last week’s dinner. It’s chicken instead of pork. I liked the Zataran’s Rice Pilaf with the arugula and basil, so I’m assuming I’ll like it here with garlic.

I’ve omitted the onion completely. I’m done with it. My stomach can’t take any more punishment.

I’m not using smoked mozzarella. I found a tiny ball of it at Kroger for $5, but budgetary restraints kept me away. Instead I’m using pre-sliced, Kroger brand mozzarella. Yeah, I know there will be a difference in taste, but my checking account is happier this way.

Eek, I forgot to pick up some fresh basil. I’m okay with working with dry thyme or rosemary (or just about any other spice) when fresh is called for, but I occasionally like to work with fresh basil. And it was good in the rice last week. I hope the dried stuff doesn’t hurt the recipe.

This turned out to be a wonderful dinner, even without the smoked mozzarella. The chicken was succulent and juicy, and it was great combined with the tomato and cheese.

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