Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What You Should Have Heard #13

My Mix CDs

I’ve got a lot of music but limited space to hold it in, especially in my car. So I’ve gone the old tried-and-true way of making mix CDs to have access to as many bands as possible while driving. I’m going slightly old-school since I’m a bit backwards and have no iPod.

Most of the songs will be more upbeat, with probably only the occasional ballad or slower song included. I like to sing in the car, and the more upbeat songs are more fun to sing.

I’ll be going in alpha-numeric order with these, so if you’re wanting to argue with me about what Weezer songs should be included, you’re going to be waiting for a while.

My only limitations are that I use 80 min. discs, and I’m only going to use one disc per band/artist. I will make exceptions for only my most favorite bands with huge playlists (Foo Fighters and Self, off the top of my head), but I’d really like to boil everything down to just one disc.

Here’s the list guide:

Track # - Song Name - Album Name

 Acceptance Mix CD

  1. Seeing is Believing – Black Lines to Battlefields
  2. Black Lines to Battlefields – Black Lines to Battlefields
  3. Hold On – Black Lines to Battlefields
  4. Take Cover – Phantoms
  5. So Contagious – Phantoms
  6. In Too Far – Phantoms
  7. The Letter – Phantoms
  8. Different – Phantoms
  9. This Conversation is Over – Phantoms
  10. Over You – Phantoms
  11. Breathless – Phantoms
  12. In the Cold – Phantoms
  13. Permanent – Phantoms
  14. Glory/Us – Phantoms

From what I can tell, Acceptance is now a defunct band. Not too big on the hard-rocking songs, they’ve got a good catalog that lends to being sung loudly in a car. And really, that’s what these mix CDs are for.

The majority of songs from this mix come from their only full-length album, Phantoms. In fact, I think I only left out one song.

This is a wholly unremarkable band. While a lot of the songs are catchy and easy to sing along with, musically there was nothing that made this group pop and stand out. It’s generic, and while I’m perfectly content to listen to generic, I’m sure that this played a part in the group’s demise.

Here’s the video to Different, probably my favorite of their songs.


nyrdyv said...

I found it helps immeasurably if you just use an MP3 player that feeds into the car stereo system.


Steven G. Willis

Rob Rosenblatt said...

I'll get there eventually, but I'm still fond of my mix CDs.