Thursday, January 14, 2010

What You Should Have Seen #1

This wasn’t a bad movie, but I enjoyed it a lot more the first time I saw it, when it was called “Can’t Hardly

Wait.” And I’m sure people older than me can cite an older movie that did it even better (maybe something by John Hughes? Sixteen Candles? Say Anything?). But I like Hayden Panata-whatever-her-last-name-is. But Seth Green isn’t in this movie, so it’s already a lesser movie. And really, the attacking raccoon thing was done better in the first Harold and Kumar movie.

That’s not saying that the movie isn’t entertaining. In fact, as with a lot of mediocre movies with highly recycled plots, it’s the side characters that really make it watchable. In this case, it’s Beth’s ditzy blond friend. Her one-liners and vacant expressions are what do it for this movie.

So you won’t find anything new or ground-breaking in this movie, but if you need something to pass a couple of hours, this isn’t the worst thing you could watch.

And for all you pre-verts out there, there’s some Hayden Pantene side-boob. But if you’re a movie pre-vert, you probably already know that.

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