Monday, January 19, 2009

Comic Book Reviews for the week of Dec. 24, 2008 (One-Shots)

Captain America: Theater of War – America First!

Not as good as the previous issue, but still pretty solid. I rolled my eyes at the beginning when I saw that Commies were the villain in this installment. It never registered that by 1955, Cap had been frozen for about 10 years already. Once I found out this was the crazy Cap (who we last saw recently in the current Captain America series), the book suddenly got a bit more interesting. There’s nothing spectacular or ground-breaking here. We’ve got a McCarthy analogue complete with Senate hearings and everything, but this guy turns out to actually be a Communist. We even get to see a post-war, pre-patch Nick Fury.

Secret Invasion: Requiem #1

This is how I like reprints to be done: frame the reprinted stories with new material. That way the reader is a bit more likely to actually read the reprint rather than just skimming it or even closing the book all together after the new material has been read. This book even went a step farther and threw something pretty important to the story. Pym made a new hero for himself by taking up Janet’s memory and becoming the new Wasp. Pretty damn fine looking costume, too. But the thing with Jocasta has me worried. Do they end up together? It makes sense, I guess, what with her being pretty much a robotic version of Janet, but doesn’t he remember the troubles Vision and Scarlet Witch had? Anyways, I look forward to seeing them in Mighty Avengers.

What If? Spider-Man: Back in Black #1

Regardless of what happens to him, I strongly believe that Spider-Man would not kill anyone. Would he hurt someone? Sure. He’d beat the holy hell out of someone who hurt or killed a loved one, but I really don’t believe that he’d kill someone, not even the people responsible for the death of Mary Jane. And I’m wondering if I’d care about the back-up more if I’d read the second or third volumes of Runaways.

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