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TV Reviews for the Week of Nov. 30, 2008 Pt. 1

I had to bring this one back. I had stopped reviewing it, but I never stopped watching it. This week’s episode was a true return to form. It was episodes like this that made me tune into the show for the first time. When Carl was talking about breaking the fourth wall, Denny and his Alzheimers, Jerry with his emotional closing, Jerry FINALLY getting a date with Katie, Betty White’s character, all the talk of was a fun episode through and through. And next week they’re going back to the Supreme Court. So is this in trouble of being cancelled?

Totally mediocre episode, except when Homer blew up the bridge. I’m pretty sure that was the only laugh that the show got from me.

Ah, don’t you just love it when Jonas and the gang get to put someone in their place? I really enjoyed the quick cuts to when the group was planning various scenarios, and we actually got to see the scenario played out. And Kim ended up pretty deep in her little undercover mission. Bob finds out about that and it’s another strike for the Colonel.

"Those seven years of MacGuyver finally paid off."

One thing that always gives me a little smile is when actors who played characters I enjoyed on shows that are no longer around show up on shows that I now enjoy. This episode of Chuck had two: the black guy from Alias (and the voice of Martian Manhunter on the JLA cartoon) and Bruce Boxlightner (sp?) from Babylon 5. Excellent. Too bad it was only a so-so episode. Most everything seemed to fall flat: the Buy More contest, Casey vs. Chuck and Sarah’s feelings for Chuck. I really liked the last 30 seconds, though, when Chuck vowed to find his and Ellie’s father. I wouldn’t think it would be all that difficult if he could get Sarah to use some of the equipment in the Castle.

"You kids today with your rock and roll and your obsession with medieval siege weapons."

I didn’t think I was going to like this episode. I thought that it was going to be extremely cheesy, all of the sudden having a Terminator in the 1920s. But I thought it actually turned out well. I like that the Terminator did what he had to do in order to eventually fulfill his mission. And as much as I don’t want to see Cameron end up being another Data, I’m enjoying watching her learn about humanity.

"Best. Day. Ever."

I totally dig Seth Green, and Brecken Meyer isn’t all that bad either, but all the scenes at the comic shop just smacked of...I don’t know, not necessarily geekiness or nerdiness, but just plain old goofiness. I liked the idea of Hiro going there to read up on his past, but looking at the comics to figure out what to do next just feels like cheating. And I guess in the real world that’s what you’d do, but it feels like a crutch, and once it’s gone you’ve got to catch your brain up and get it back into shape for problem solving.

"Come and get it."

Where this show kept letting me down last season, it keeps surprising me with awesomeness this season. The group’s paranoia is starting to run rampant, but it looks to be well-founded. I had figured this episode would be the last new one until after the first of the year, but apparently they’re not letting up. Last week’s ending would have been a great cliffhanger, and this week’s ending would have been an awesome cliffhanger, but we only have to wait one more week to watch the boys (and girl) go up against Self.

"He’s been like that all day. It’s been awesome."

Cool, cool stuff. Walking through walls, teleportation. As much as I enjoyed the X-Files, I’m enjoying this show WAY much more. I know I’ve seen the actor who plays Walter before, but I just can’t place him. He’s excellent. His expression when he remembered his son’s childhood illness and recounted it, it was great. I’m even liking Joshua Jackson. I’ve just got an inherent and irrational dislike for anyone from Dawson’s Creek.

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